BENlabs launches AI-driven suggested short and vertical video tools to help creators create and optimize short-form video content

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BENlabs AI Platform (TubeBuddy) helps creators and brands create and optimize automated short-form vertical video content to capture the attention of interested humans

Los Angeles, April 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — BENlabs, a leading entertainment AI company for brands and creators driving growth and engagement across social media, streaming, TV, music and film content, announced today. Shorts and vertical video tools recommended by TubeBuddywith the new AI-driven features of the TubeBuddy SaaS platform, 13M Creators and brands increase audience engagement and revenue through short-form videos.

BENlabs (PRNewsfoto/BENlabs)

BENlabs (PRNewsfoto/BENlabs)

Following the recent announcement that YouTube is now monetizing short-form videos, the BENlabs team launched this product, continuing its mission to empower creators and brands to intelligently drive audience and revenue growth. increase. TubeBuddy’s recommended short and vertical video products provide intelligent recommendations and tools to transform high-engagement long-form video moments into short-form video content. Creators and brands alike can use BENlabs AI-driven recommendations combined with a user-friendly interface to drive traffic and revenue to channels across all short-form video platforms.

72% of creators who used the new tool in beta testing reported being disappointed if the feature wasn’t available permanently. In addition, many beta users found the insights on audience patterns useful, which improved their ability to create short-form and intelligently stream short-form and vertical videos across social platforms. It satisfies the need to find tools that help create

“TubeBuddy continues to be a paradigm-shifting tool for both creators and brands, and this new AI-driven solution for short-form video continues to build on that momentum.” Ricky Ray Butler, CEO, BENlabs. “Short-form vertical video has taken over as the go-to format for finding new audiences. is just the tip of the iceberg.Soon, the tool will also predict click-throughs and retention for these videos.The power of AI and unstructured data is limitless, and it will benefit our community and the creator economy at large. We look forward to continuing to release intelligent tools.”

With platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, short-form videos are generating more traffic and views than ever before. In a recent earnings call, Google revealed that his daily views on YouTube shorts have surpassed 50 billion, up from his 30 billion in the same quarter of 2022.

“The TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts tool shows exactly when a video should be turned into a short based on how long users have been watching that video.” Austin Armstrong, creator of the Socialty Pro YouTube channel with over 570,000 subscribers. “This tool is the best opportunity to grow your channel on YouTube.”

Since most creators regularly post to all major social networks, everyone who wants to create vertical videos has video clips that engage their audience on other short-form video platforms such as TikTok, Snap, and Instagram Reels. A new feature in TubeBuddy helps creators identify too.

“AI can regularly spot opportunities that human observers miss, and we want to put that power in the hands of creators and brands.” Tyler Folkman, Chief Technology and AI Officer, BENlabs. “The shorts are an opportunity at the top of the funnel, so it’s an opportunity to reach even more viewers with content you’ve already created.”

About BENlabs
BENlabs is an entertainment AI company that integrates brands into influencer, streaming, TV, music and film content with guaranteed ROI. BENlabs provides clients with the world’s largest influencer marketing business. The business will consist of the world’s largest product placement, promotion and licensing agency combined with the largest AI SaaS platform, TubeBuddy, enabling 13 million creators and brands to optimize audience and channel growth support the BENlabs is Microsoft, General Motors, Frito-Lay, Bloomingdales,Tencent and Reckitt Benckiser.



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