5 free AI apps for Android: AI assistants, photo editors and more

Applications of AI

Mobile applications have been around almost as long as our devices. They will help you with your daily tasks, both professional and personal. So it’s no surprise that AI was eventually introduced into these applications to drive process automation. Here is a list of the 5 best free AI apps available for Android.

5 Best Free AI Apps for Android

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, which takes data and analyzes it over time. We then use algorithms to build a library of user habits and usage patterns. Use this to adapt your application and provide a more personalized user experience.

To make your AI experience even better, we’ve compiled a list of the best artificial intelligence apps available for Android right now on the Google Play Store. Let’s see.

If you have an Android device, you’ve probably heard of the Google Assistant. One of her most popular AI apps, Google Assistant lets you schedule events, start timers, find information, and more with simple voice or handwritten commands. Over time, it uses your input and uses AI to adapt the app to respond accordingly.

With Google Assistant, you can set up custom routines that help you trigger tasks on command or get your work done using different modes already available, such as driving mode. Once enabled, you can use the “Ok Google” command to launch the Google Assistant. You can also get purchase recommendations when searching for products.

The Google Assistant is a great tool to help you be more productive, but sometimes the app would suddenly launch without the “Ok Google” prompt. Additionally, Google’s less transparent position on user data collection raised privacy concerns.

Strong Points

  • user friendly
  • Integration with other Google apps
  • Can set custom task commands
  • Pre-configured routines and modes


  • The app may collect data
  • May open without prompt

price: free

2. Bing – Best AI Search Engine App

Bing is slowly becoming my go-to app for many reasons. You can also use your voice to find things to buy, recommend restaurants, or ask Bing to read you a poem. Given a command, Bing’s ChatGPT-powered AI engine combs search results to provide the best and most accurate answer to your query.

You can choose the style of response from Bing. Conversational style provides detailed answers, but it gets a little too detailed once you start reciting the lyrics of the songs Bing searched for.

Using a precise style will give you surprisingly accurate and more to the point answers. You can also tap the answerer to see more information. However, to use Bing’s AI engine, you must be logged into your Microsoft account.

When using voice commands, we’ve found that Bing isn’t always accurate in picking up responses. Also, when using conversational style, he could keep Bing talking even after tapping the stop button. The app also had issues executing commands like “set timer” even with all permissions enabled.

Strong Points

  • simple app interface
  • Various response modes
  • Respondent
  • Integration with other Microsoft services


  • The app may share data with third party services
  • Not always accurate when using voice commands
  • Some commands may not be available

price: free

3. ELSA Speak – Best AI App for Learning English

ELSA Speak is one of the best apps to learn, improve and brush up on your English speaking skills. The app comes with comprehensive lesson plans to help you practice and prepare for a variety of situations.

It uses AI to analyze speech and pronunciation patterns and provides real-time results. Lessons use a conversational tone to give users a more hands-on learning experience.

The ELSA Speak app also helps you determine your overall progress on your current lesson plan. Utilizes learning graphs to provide a 100% overall score for all completed lessons.

During our testing, we found the app to be able to understand spoken feedback fairly accurately. The free plan also gives you access to specific customized lesson plans. However, the free plan is suitable for beginner levels as it has a limited number of courses available and a cap on the number of lessons you can access per day.

Additionally, certain topics such as live conversations and video lessons are only available to paying users. You can use the app without creating an account, but an account is required to save your progress.

Strong Points

  • Easy-to-understand course
  • Paid version of certification exam preparation course
  • Lessons on topics for different situations in the free version
  • Comprehensive lesson plan


  • Daily lesson limit for free accounts
  • Limited course plan available in the free plan

price: free plan; subscription: 7-day free trial, then $11.99/month

4. FaceApp – Best AI Photo Editing App

FaceApp has become a viral sensation with its ability to alter photos using AI. Various filters are available to help you flip the gender, add your age, or completely change the look of your photo. The result is a surreal photograph that can sometimes be disguised as the original.

This app uses an AI-powered engine to inspect uploaded images. Then, when a filter is applied, the image is shaped according to its characteristics. It allows users to completely change hairstyles, add age, change eye color, and skin texture by applying filters.

FaceApp is a great editing tool, but it has always been surrounded by data privacy concerns, mainly due to its complicated privacy policy. Additionally, to get access to the entire library of filters and the option to remove watermarks from images edited using the app, you need to use the paid pro version.

Strong Points

  • easy editable filters
  • photorealistic pictures
  • social media sharing options
  • Clean and simple app interface


  • User Information Shared with Third Party Services
  • Filters for free users only
  • Watermarks added to images in the free version

price: free plan; subscription: from $7.49/month

5. Youper – Best AI-Powered App for Treatment

Youper uses a combination of AI and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to measure mood patterns and suggest activities. You can check into the app multiple times a day depending on your mood progress. Youper can use this data to create insight reports to drill down into your mood patterns over time.

When you click on a new activity, you will be asked if you have previous experience to better understand your needs. Additionally, if you decide to quit an activity, it will suggest another option to try to raise your mood level. One of the best apps for mental health.

The app also features an AI chatbot that accurately responds to queries and inputs. However, the Youper interface is not very user friendly as clicking the menu option always redirects to another page within the app.

Additionally, progress reports and some therapy activities are only available to paying users.

Strong Points

  • Analyze and track your mood with AI
  • Comprehensive Insights report for free users
  • Recommend treatment using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Paid users have access to full screening reports


  • App interface is not user friendly
  • Limited free features

price: free plan; subscription: 7-day free trial, then $69.99/year

FAQ about the best AI apps available for Android

1. Are there other free AI apps available for Android?

Yes, there are several other free artificial intelligence-based apps available for Android. Some examples include Replica, Socratic, and Data Bot apps. Each can be used for its own approach to communication, education and individualized support.

2. Can these apps be combined with other services?

Certain apps, such as Google Assistant and Bing, can be combined with other services, such as other Google and Microsoft apps.

Enhance your device with AI

With the latest advances in AI technology, it seems that we are approaching an era where almost every device is AI-enabled. Until then, we hope our list of the 5 best free AI apps for Android has helped you turn your device into an AI powerhouse. You can also automate personal and professional tasks.

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