Applications of AI

    Senators introduce bill on federal agency procurement and use of AI — AI: Washington Report | Mintz – An Antitrust Perspective

    [co-author: Matthew Tikhonovsky] Senators Gary Peters (D-Mich.) and Thom Tillis (R-North Carolina) introduced the PREPARED for AI Act. The bill aims to ensure federal agencies can safely and effectively deploy AI technologies by establishing a comprehensive risk mitigation framework for the procurement and use of AI. Given the bill's bipartisan nature, and reports that senators […]

    It has an end-to-end platform that accelerates AI application development by 100x across the entire AI application lifecycle, including data preparation and preparation, application development, real-time data, and deployment.

    DataStax enables developers to take advantage of several new updates to focus on application development instead of infrastructure management. Langflow 1.0 and DataStax Langflow releaseIn April, DataStax acquired Langflow, a popular open source visual framework for building RAG applications. Now, DataStax has released Langflow 1.0, which includes a version of Langflow hosted on the DataStax […]