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Read the top travel news headlines from the past week and learn how to stay up-to-date with the latest insights on travel and AI innovation.

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Like many others chasing innovation in the tech space, we’ve covered advances in how targeted companies can get creative with AI. To wrap up all the coverage, this week we launched a new weekly newsletter digest that delivers every AI story to your subscribers’ inbox every Friday. You can read more about our newsletter and subscribe here.

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Machu Picchu Peru Solutions: Tour Operators Opening Up New Trekking Regions

With more than 25,000 miles of Inca main roads to explore, alternative routes to the world-famous Machu Picchu Inca citadel trek are being explored. And it’s long overdue.

American Airlines new strategy drives agency airfares dramatically higher

Three days after the airline ticketing cataclysm, travel agents are noticing huge differences in ticket prices. They’ve been warned, but it looks like there are other problems on the horizon.

Expedia launches AI chatbot powered by ChatGPT on mobile app

Expedia Group is the largest travel company to publish a chatbot tool powered by ChatGPT. This is just the beginning, and if anyone has the resources to really see what this technology can do for travel, it’s companies like Expedia.

Ireland’s Doyle Collection Reinvents Luxury Hotel Strategy

Admittedly, the Doyle Collection, a family-owned luxury hotel group, is a small player. But the strategy of new CEO Gordon Drake, who previously sold Six Senses to his IHG and Fairmont he Raffles to Accor, highlights what indie brands are thinking right now.

Alloggio exits private equity for struggling short-term rentals.

A private equity restructuring of some short-term rental companies may be welcomed. Analysts warn of doom for the entire industry, but demand remains strong.

Zooey Deschanel is the new girl promoting Choice Hotels Direct Booking

Choice Hotels may not consider celebrities essential to its marketing campaigns, but it never hesitated to rely on star power to market the benefits of using its website.

Delta, United, JetBlue, American Airlines cut flights to New York this summer

Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, JetBlue Airways, and American Airlines have all cut back on operations around New York City this summer as New York City, one of the busiest regions in the United States, faces a shortage of air traffic controllers. Indicates to reduce flights.

How E3 Cancellation Affects the Meetings Industry

65,000 attendees, 4,000 jobs, and $88 million in revenue aren’t coming to Los Angeles in June. E3, the major video game industry trade show, is canceled for his 2023.

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Skift CEO Rafat Ali sat down with Michael J. O’Regan, Lecturer at Glasgow Caledonian University, to discuss O’Regan’s recent article on the abuse of the term “overtourism” in media coverage of the travel industry. Did. You can listen to it from your favorite podcast platform, download it below, or download it.


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Chart of the Week: Hotel Tech Investment Priorities

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