Adobe Adds New AI-Powered Text-Based Video Editing Capabilities to Premiere Pro

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Ahead of the 2023 NAB Show, which runs from April 15th to April 19th, Adobe has announced updates to select Creative Cloud apps, including Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Adobe text-based editing
Adobe says the new Premiere Pro is the “fastest and most reliable version” yet, with background autosave, system reset options, additional GPU acceleration, and more.

This update introduces text-based video editing options powered by Adobe Sensei. This option can automatically analyze and transcribe clips, allowing editors to copy and paste sentences in any order and see them appear as such on the timeline. The video is essentially turned into a searchable transcript, allowing you to match specific words and phrases to edit your video faster.

Automatic tone mapping and log color detection capabilities allow editors to mix and match HDR footage from different sources into the same SDR project. No need to use LUTs or manually balance footage to get consistent colors.

Other new features include sequence lock for co-editing, a presence indicator to see who’s online, and editors working on collaborative projects offline, without overwriting someone else’s work later. Includes offline work to allow changes to be published.

As for After Effects, there is a new properties panel that gives you quick access to key animation settings. Panels are context sensitive and automatically present the most important controls to the user based on their selection. Adobe is also including performance optimizations such as faster timeline layer selection, multi-frame rendering of shapes, and new keyboard shortcuts for selectable track mattes.

The latest versions of Premiere Pro and After Effects, including beta versions of text-based editing and automatic tone mapping, will be available starting May 2023. For more information, see his website at Adobe.

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