Greenmount Recreation Centre opens first AI computer lab

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BALTIMORE — Being an NFL star isn't just about wins, losses and touchdowns — it's also about using your popularity to inspire the next generation to be great.

Greenmont Recreation Center hosted its first AI Track and Field Day for Baltimore City kids ages 8-15 who have expressed an interest in STEM.

“I'm here as living proof that these guys can be anything they want,” Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Shawn Ryan said.

Ryan said the workshop will bring the community together through his vision to analyze AI through fun and engaging activities.

Young people were able to visit a range of interactive stations designed to learn about and deepen their understanding of computer science and artificial intelligence.

Part of the activity included relay races with AI-powered laptops tackling various challenges such as solving digital puzzles.

Other activities included navigating a maze blindfolded with AI instructions, using an AI-powered computer to create pixel art, and creating a story with the help of AI.

“We know kids love the internet, they love their phones, their iPads and their tablets, and we wanted to find a way to keep it interesting for them, to keep them from getting bored and to allow them to engage with creative content in the areas they love,” Ryan said.

He has launched a new “Shawn Ryan Community of Care Initiative” to empower young people in the city.

Andrew Gillman, chief marketing officer for NWN Carousel, helped bring in a range of partners whose main goal is to inspire, educate and entertain children with the workshops.

“Having a superstar like Shawn Ryan come and teach kids about science, math and AI could be magical for a kid who doesn't want to be a professional athlete. They want to be a computer scientist,” Gilman said.

Ryan and his colleagues hope this will be the start of an annual workshop as they aim to inspire the next generation of engineers in Baltimore City.

“When I look at their faces, I see myself, I see a young child growing up in a low-income environment, not having access to a lot of the resources that are in their community,” Ryan said.

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