Cybersecurity companies discuss AI integration for better risk management

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Corporate filing analysis database of Global Data A trend in the cybersecurity industry: AI Features in Incident Responsethreat detection, prediction, etc.

AI-based risk management

BlackBerry, Inc. Unveiled an enhanced portfolio of AI-based Cylance cybersecurity solutions, including a major update to the patented Cylance AI engine that improves threat prediction capabilities, and a generative AI-powered cybersecurity assistant.

Further away, Palo Alto Networks, Inc. has launched AI-powered data security integrated into the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) by leveraging data classification powered by large-scale language models (LLM) and combining LLM with context-aware machine learning models.

Fortinet Inc. To strengthen security and increase operational efficiency, we introduced GenAI-based tools and made enhancements across security operations, including new AI and machine learning capabilities, additional real-time response, and automation features.

SentinelOne Inc. We have launched an AI security system through Purple AI. Their static AI models also predict file-based/”zero-day” attacks. Our behavioral AI models map, monitor and link all behaviors to proactively mitigate cyber attacks.

Keep up with the threat

“Companies are launching tools and forging collaborations to integrate AI and cybersecurity tools to enhance real-time response and jointly develop security solutions to keep operations safe. However, it is important that AI algorithms are regularly updated and fine-tuned to keep up with evolving threats,” he said. Misa SinghBusiness Fundamentals Analyst at GlobalData.

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