AI video platform Synthesia announces major upgrade with full-body avatars

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AI video platform Synthesia announces major upgrade with full-body avatars

People spend billions of hours watching TikTok, YouTube, and Netflix every day, but businesses still rely heavily on text to communicate. Launched today, Synthesia 2.0 aims to change that by putting video at the center of business-to-business interactions.

The standout feature is the upgraded personal AI avatar, but you'll also love the new tools we've added to manage your videos. Let's start with the new avatars. There are now two different avatar types:

Expressive Avatars: Created in our studio using high-definition cameras, these avatars exude a professional feel and allow you to adjust your tone, facial expressions and body language based on the context of your script.

Custom Avatars: Easily created with just a webcam or smartphone, these avatars have much better lip syncing and reproduce natural-sounding speech in over 30 languages.

These avatars help businesses personalize their communications, making them more engaging and human.

Synthesia 2.0 also introduces powerful new tools designed to streamline video creation and editing.

AI Video Assistant: This tool turns your entire knowledge base into a video library, allowing you to create videos in bulk using your brand fonts, colors, and logos.

AI Screen Recorder: It can transform your screen recordings into polished video presentations with AI avatars, simplifying the creation process and ensuring high-quality results.

Synthesia also unveiled a new generation of AI avatars, due to launch later this year. These avatars will feature full-body movements, including hand gestures, and can express complex emotions. Users will have more control over their avatar's appearance and animations, opening up new possibilities for storytelling and interaction.

Upgraded editing and translation tools make it incredibly easy to create and manage videos. The new intuitive editing system uses triggers that simplify the process, making it easy to use even for beginners. Additionally, Synthesia's translation capabilities have been upgraded to automatically update all language versions when changes are made to the original video.

The new video player is also packed with exciting interactive features. Starting next month, the player will automatically play videos in the viewer's language. Later this year, support for clickable hotspots, embedded forms, quizzes, and personalized CTAs will be available. These features make your videos more engaging and interactive, opening up new possibilities for viewer interaction and data collection.

Finally, Synthesia revealed that it is on track to achieve ISO/IEC 42001 certification. The standard lays out clear rules for companies to develop and use AI systems. The standard helps companies balance innovation with proper governance to ensure AI is used in a safe and trustworthy way. For Synthesia's customers, this means they can use the platform with peace of mind, knowing that the AI ​​technology behind it is being managed responsibly.

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