Bruce Campbell and Kurt Russell dress up as retro Deadpool and Wolverine alongside Clint Eastwood's Cable in AI fan video

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  • The fan-made trailer, featuring Kurt Russell and Bruce Campbell, sees Deadpool and Wolverine brought to life by AI.
  • The video hypothesizes alternative casting options for X-Men characters, including Rutger Hauer as Magneto and Sigourney Weaver as Jean Grey.
  • The X-Men's introduction into the MCU is expected to take place via the Multiverse Saga, with the reboot's script being written by Michael Leslie.

Deadpool and Wolverine have been remade with AI, along with many other X-Men characters, in the new AI-generated trailer. Kurt Russell and Bruce Campbell It's set to serve as this year's MCU savior, and ahead of what's expected to be one of the biggest blockbusters of the summer, Stryder HD has released a “what if” concept video on YouTube, imagining what could have happened in an alternate universe.

As the world braces itself for the mayhem that will see Deadpool not only end up in the MCU but also in Wolverine's path, fan art and trailers have been doing a lot to build hype for the film, with fans speculating which characters from other MCU, Fox Universe, and possibly Sony Universe might make an appearance, and there's been plenty of wishful thinking to be found.

In the case of Strider HD, Deadpool and Wolverine That's a question in itself, but it's a bigger question of who could have played the role on screen if the X-Men movies had been developed more than a decade before the original film debuted in 2000. Based on the video you can see below, it looks like Kurt Russell as Wolverine and Bruce Campbell as Deadpool jokers might be one of Hollywood's lost gems that will never come to fruition.

What other X-Men fan cast appears in the video?

Like many “concept” trailers that pop up on YouTube, this video contains a large collection of potential leaked trailers from the X-Men series. While Marvel Studios is currently faced with the headache of recasting some of the franchise's most iconic character/actor pairings for future MCU films, the video's contents contain some solid suggestions for who might be suitable for the roles of Professor X, Storm, Cyclops, etc., as well as some who might not have worked out.

Casting choices included in the video include Rutger Hauer as Magneto, Sigourney Weaver as Jean Grey, Johnny Depp as Nightcrawler, Angela Bassett as Storm, Clint Eastwood as Cable, Sylvester Stallone as Beast, Ron Perlman as Sabretooth, Sharon Stone as Emma Frost and Dolph Lundgren as Colossus.

How will the X-Men appear in the MCU?

The path to mutants appearing in the MCU has been going for a few years now, with Marvel Studios dropping subtle hints through projects like: Black Widow (appearance of Ursa Major), Ms. Marvel (the revelation that Kamala Khan is a mutant), and Wonderthe story of Monica Rambeau finding herself in an alternate reality with Kelsey Grammer's “Beast” and Lashana Lynch's “Binary.”

Furthermore, Wolverine's presence in the MCU She-Hulk: Lawyerincluded a shot of a newspaper article about a man with metal claws being seen in a bar fight, and while the reference was seen as a throwaway Easter egg at the time, it now seems more likely to be direct confirmation that Wolverine has been lurking in the MCU for a while.


Deadpool 3 will introduce the X-Men into the MCU and preserve Logan's legacy

Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds and Shawn Levy explain how Deadpool & Wolverine will honor and honour Logan's moving ending and legacy.

The latest rumors suggest that the climax of the Multiverse Saga will usher in the Mutant Saga, bringing a new iteration of the X-Men into the MCU's ever-expanding storyline. X-Men The reboot is moving forward The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes The film is directed by screenwriter Michael Leslie, but no cast or director details have been announced yet. Avengers: Secret Wars It's been delayed due to some behind-the-scenes changes, so it will likely be a while before any meaningful information is given about the next “saga.”

In the meantime, X-Men fans can reminisce about the hero group by watching the animated series.
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Deadpool and Wolverine
will be released in theaters on July 26, 2024.

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