Ban use of AI and deepfakes in election campaigns amid 2028 election fake videos

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National Unity Party leader and Camarines Sur Rep. Rey Villafuerte stressed the need to ban the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in election campaigns after ABS-CBN denied a video circulating on TikTok claiming that Sen. Robinhood Padilla is leading an investigation into the 2028 presidential election.

“The TikTok video, purportedly an ABS-CBN report on poll results for potential 2028 presidential candidates, which the network later dismissed as a 'false and fabricated' news clip, is evidence that the Commission on Elections may consider banning the use of AI during next year's elections,” Villafuerte said.

Last Friday, ABS-CBN denied a report from TV Patrol indicating that Padilla was a leading candidate in the 2028 presidential elections.

The video contains fabricated images and audio of the network's anchors, reporters and political analyst Julio Teehankee, all discussing the alleged findings.

Villafuerte said he agreed with Election Commission Chairman George Garcia that misuse of the new technology could lead to “fraudulent misrepresentation” of candidates during election campaigns.

“I agree with Chairman Garcia that the malicious use of deepfake technology would undermine the very purpose of a political campaign, which is to allow voters sufficient time to fully and truthfully get to know the candidates so that they can make an informed choice on Election Day,” Villafuerte said.

Villafuerte also expressed support for Garcia's proposal that election commissions seek to disqualify or bring election fraud lawsuits against candidates who use AI and deepfake technology in the 2025 midterm elections.

The lawmaker also supported the Comelec's plan to enter into memoranda of understanding (MOAs) with various online platforms on detecting and preventing the spread of deepfakes over the internet.

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