AI-generated news presenter debuts in Kuwaiti media

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Kuwaiti News releases Fedha, a new AI-generated news presenter that reads out breaking news

A Kuwaiti media outlet has revealed virtual news presenters generated using AI to read online breaking news. Fedha’s photo of her virtual presenter was published on her Twitter as a woman baring her hair.

In a tweet posted by the news outlet, Fedha introduced himself in a video and spoke in Arabic. “Kuwait She is Fedha, Kuwait’s first presenter to cover artificial intelligence in the news. What news do you like? Let us know what you think,” she says.

Kuwait News, affiliated with The Kuwait Times, was founded in 1961 as the country’s first English-language daily newspaper. Deputy editor-in-chief of both outlets, Abdullah Bohtein, said Feda may eventually adopt a Kuwaiti accent and post breaking news on his Twitter account on the site.

“Fedha is a popular Kuwaiti old name that refers to silver…We always imagine our robots to be silver and metal colors, so we combined the two,” Boftain told the Guardian. . The Deputy Editor believes Fedha represents everyone in Kuwait.

The 13-second video released elicited mixed reactions from everyone on social media, including journalists.

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