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Adobe has announced a new version of its video application family. This includes the fastest and most reliable version of Premiere Pro that adds AI-powered text-based video editing to make life simpler for professionals and creators.

Adobe made the announcement ahead of the NAB Show 2023 in Las Vegas. It also touted the automated tone-mapping feature, as well as the many under-the-hood improvements that address top user requests. This is the kind of thing you need to keep creators productive and ready for massive content demand for applications like the metaverse.

Additionally, Adobe is celebrating the 30th anniversary of After Effects, the world’s most popular motion design software for video professionals, adding a contextual properties panel and community-requested improvements, the company said in a press briefing. said in

Adobe’s latest innovation is designed to meet the workflow needs of today’s professional editors and motion designers by automating time-consuming tasks, empowering creative professionals to shape the stories they want to tell. You can spend more time on Adobe also announced new innovations and partnerships to extend’s industry-leading video collaboration platform to photos and PDF documents.


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Ashley Still, Senior Vice President, Creative Products Group and Digital Media Growth, Adobe. “We are excited to meet these challenges with her latest innovations in Premiere Pro and After Effects, allowing creative professionals to focus on the art of production, helping them to conceive, produce and deliver content. It saves me a lengthy and time-consuming task.”

Demand for content continues to accelerate, doubling in the last two years and expected to quintuple in the next two years. Video creators need tools to deliver high-quality content faster than ever before.

Screenshot of Adobe’s text-based editing.

Leveraging Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s machine learning and AI framework, Premiere Pro and After Effects streamlines video workflows, saving production teams valuable time and dramatically reducing costs. We provide editing that utilizes .

Text-based editing represents a game changer in post-production workflows. Premiere Pro is the only professional editing software to incorporate text-based editing, revolutionizing the way creators approach technology by making video editing as easy as copying and pasting text. said the company.

Text-based editing, powered by Adobe Sensei, automatically analyzes and transcribes clips, so editors, producers, and assistants can simply copy and paste sentences in the order they want them to appear on the timeline. you can see it instantly. You can search the minutes in the minutes window to identify the exact word or phrase.

Automatic tone mapping and log color detection allow editors to mix and match HDR footage from different sources into the same SDR project for great-looking, consistent colors. This means editors don’t have to use Look Up Tables (LUTs) or manually balance footage to get a good looking image.

Today, more than 400 global partners, including chip makers such as AMD, Intel and Nvidia, provide solutions to Adobe customers. Camera makers Canon, DJI, Nikon, RED, Sony. Technology providers from AWS to Fraunhofer IIS and Microsoft. His newly announced integration with FUJIFILM extends Adobe’s leading collaborative video review and approval platform,, to support an end-to-end workflow for capturing, editing, reviewing and approving photos. will be

Adobe’s latest release of Premiere Pro and After Effects includes text-based editing and automatic tone mapping beta for Premiere Pro and properties panel for After Effects, April 15-19 in Las Vegas It will be on display at the 2023 NAB Show. General availability in May 2023.

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