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  • YouTube's latest experiment will introduce AI-generated green screens into the Shorts creation flow.
  • Users can enter a text prompt and have the AI ​​generate relevant photos and videos that can be used as a background.
  • The feature is currently being tested with a limited number of users and may be expanded to more creators later this year.

As Google continues to improve its Gemini service, it's also exploring new ways to incorporate AI into its other products. The company is currently testing a new YouTube Shorts feature that puts the power of artificial intelligence to artistic use. Users in the test group can have the AI ​​generate images or videos and set them as the background for their videos.

Google has updated its YouTube support documentation to highlight its newly added AI Green Screen experiment. Dream Screen is currently rolling out to a limited number of users and allows users to generate images and videos using text prompts. Users can then set the AI-generated media as the background for their Shorts.

“If you want the background for your next short to be an enchanting rainbow flower forest or a luxurious hotel swimming pool on a tropical island, just type 'enchanting rainbow flower forest' or 'luxurious hotel swimming pool on a tropical island' into the tool and watch your imagination come to life!”

To check if the Dream Screen feature is available on your device, head to the Green Screen menu in the YouTube Shorts creator. If it is, you can enter the English prompts to generate relevant green screen content. Given its ease of use, Dream Screen turns YouTube into one of the best mobile apps for short video creation.

As with all Google experiments, it's impossible to predict when the feature will be rolled out to the public or discontinued, but the company has said it plans to roll it out to more creators later this year.

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