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10 Apr 2023 | 19:06

They wanted language bots to be more casual.

Robots are no longer just proficient in code. A humanoid robot named Ameca, which uses the same technology as OpenAI’s ChatGPT bot, could render human translators obsolete because of their language skills, which range from Japanese to both British and American English.

A video showing the bot’s superhuman language abilities is currently going viral online.

Developed by British startup Engineered Arts, Ameca boasts a highly realistic look thanks to 17 motors in its head.

Her lifelike face includes everything from a wink to a pursed lip. This looks a lot like Will Smith’s one of her CGI machines featured in her 2005 sci-fi thriller I, Robot.

These features, along with other cutting-edge features, make it the “most advanced humanoid robot in the world” and the perfect platform for “human-robot interaction,” according to Engineered Arts. .

Recently, the multifaceted machine demonstrated her proficiency in various languages. To that end, she uses her GPT-3 technology in her OpenAI for speaking and translating.

Many viewers were impressed by how Amekka stopped and thought before answering a question.
engineering art

In a bright tutorial, an off-screen researcher asks a cybernetic interpreter if it’s true that she “can speak many different languages.”

Ameka pauses to “think” before answering in a British accent. I can speak many languages ​​such as German, English, French, Japanese and Chinese. ”

Next, the researchers asked her to speak a complex Japanese tongue twister fluently by rattling it twice without slipping, using Mandarin to tell people the weather in Beijing, and forecast the weather in New York. Speak in “American English”.

Ameka looks a lot like Hyperlanguage “Star Wars” droid C-3PO, but less robotic.

In doing so, EA’s work perhaps provides the human element that Google Translate and other automatic translations lack.

Ameca uses GPT-3 technology for speech and translation.
engineering art

Viewers were struck by Ameka’s naturalistic response, writing, “Just like humans, I love the little details that make her look up when she’s processing!”

“I love the way she thinks,” echoed another.

One impressive viewer suggested that Ameca should work with Boston Dynamics’ Atlas, a bipedal backflip robot.

“Absolutely unbelievable… can you imagine having one of these in your home?” exclaimed another tech geek.

However, not everyone fully understood the potential impact of machines on society.

“I really hope this is just sci-fi, but in the future everyone will have a personal robot that is both sad and exciting,” lamented one pessimist.

For now, the prospect of everyone having their own American mech remains a sci-fi pipe dream. However, Engineered Arts says it will release a beta version of the software to the public in the coming months.

This package includes “support for importing virtual Ameca and other robot models” that can be downloaded to people’s devices.

In an equally incredible demonstration last week, Engineered Arts filmed Ameca’s reaction after being injected with GPT-3 and GPT-4 to make her expression more natural.

To test the effect, the researchers asked the bot what was the happiest day of her life.

“The happiest day of my life was the day I was rejuvenated. I felt amazing.”

They then asked when was the saddest day of her life, causing Amekha to close her eyes and frown in grief as she lamented. Or the simple pleasures of life in the same way humans can. ”

In other words, he is fluent except for words of love.

Contrary to what science fiction movies might imply, robots aren’t necessarily destined to be cold, insensitive machines forever.

In 2022, researchers in California created printed skin to help robots sense sensations such as touch. This could pave the way for machines to enjoy a range of human experiences, from socializing to sex.

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