Sanjeev Sanyal predicts that these people could lose their jobs to bots

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According to Sanjeev Sanyal, author and member of the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Board, artificial intelligence could be a great social leveler. Sanyal retweeted the language-based he AI ​​model’s risk to certain “high-paying” jobs, citing that all the technology has done is “eliminate market inefficiencies” and that I wrote that the risk is only for those who have never invested in an idea. “If your job was replaced by a language program, it wouldn’t have paid well in the first place. You were just enjoying the rent because of the expensive education, not because of the quality of your ideas. Technology is a market inefficiency.” I lost my gender,” the author tweeted. “People who have invested in learning the right terminology and accents rather than ideas will be weeded out. Why is this a bad thing? If anything, this is a great social leveler.”

According to a report Sanyal retweeted, jobs such as genetic counselors, financial inspectors, actuaries, accountants, law and history teachers are among the “highly paid” jobs modeled by ChatGPT and its competitors such as Bing and Google AI. it’s part of the job. Bard chatbots could replace humans.

While there has been some serious hype about how AI could take over key fields in ways that are harmful to humans, many believe it will be revolutionary in the fields of medicine and education. In an exclusive interview with the Republic Media Network, artificial intelligence expert Jaspreet Bindra said that when it comes to unemployment, it’s not about AI itself, but how to use it to your advantage. I said I should worry about people I know. “AI will not replace your job, but it will be replaced by humans using AI and humans using AI efficiently and productively,” he said.

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