SA: Whitney April Shares AI Generated Fighters Video

AI Video & Visuals

From the first pounding beat of the drums, the music video immediately sets the next stage. It depicts powerful women marching towards their goals. Using AI technology, viewers are taken on a visual journey through some of the many human conditions facing the world today, from loneliness to despair. each other.

“I hope that people who watch the video feel that they are important and that they are being watched,” April said. I hope you know that you are not alone in your struggle.”

Wade Jordan, April’s manager, said the music video was created to show the diverse struggles women of different ages and backgrounds go through. Using AI brought out the song’s message in a very powerful way,” says Jordan. “This is a visual to show that you are not alone and that we can come together and unite to lift each other up. A message of hope.”

“I’m so proud of this video and April. While managing PJ Morton, I created an animated video for his song ‘Be Like Water’ featuring Stevie Wonder and Nas. As we approached the stage of how we wanted to convey the message in “Fighters,” we felt that the imagery that AI technology could provide truly supported the powerful message behind the song. I really believe in this song Its messages and messengers (April) are important at this time. “

Released as an acoustic manifesto in a league of Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ and Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ just before International Women’s Day last month, April’s ‘Fighters’ will air on 5FM, Jacaranda FM, Good Hope FM, Heart FM, Farafara FM, Tobera FM.

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