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It takes me a while to realize that every time I talk about FIFA in a video game, I’m not talking about the Electronic Arts title (which has been renamed to the new title), but about the football organization itself. As is well known, EA decides to part ways with FIFA, but this does not mean that the organization does not have its own game. Their first after a breakup? Hold on: A title that will be on NFTs in the future, with artificial intelligence as its mainstay. That’s right.

To be precise, the official name is AI League: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 EditionYes, it has the name of the World Cup which ended four months ago, but the amazing thing is not that it’s obsolete, it’s that it was developed. Altered State Machineis a Futureverse parent company that uses Web3 and Metaverse technology.

In this sense, this video game for Android smartphones (later iOS) 4v4 match, all controlled by artificial intelligence. Players must make gameplay and training decisions to empower them. So it’s more like a soccer manager than a soccer simulator. But wait.

Thanks to Decrypt, we know this title will be released for free on digital stores. We plan to have an NFT marketplace in the futureIn fact, the development team suggests creating an NFT for each soccer player. Needless to say, they are not familiar faces, but animated characters in the purest animated movie style. In addition, the stadium is also not an official one, but an urban recreation that is known all over the world.

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