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News CorpGlobal CEO of Robert Thomson The company sent the following memo to staff after a Q&A with News UK employees, suggesting that the company is considering legal action against generative AI companies and delving into the details of its overall approach to AI, as well as the growing challenges facing the media industry.

Read John Buckley's article here and the full memo below.

Dear Colleagues,

You may recall that a few weeks ago we announced a groundbreaking agreement with OpenAI, ensuring that we all play a key role in the future of news creation and delivery. Last week I was asked to provide background to News UK employees and thought it would be useful to share that commentary and some of their succinct questions. We have both a special opportunity and a significant responsibility.

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It's no exaggeration to say that our deal with OpenAI and Sam Altman is unique because in our world, AI stands for Actual Intelligence. This deal should reassure everyone that we're on the cutting edge of the digital age, but that cutting edge is rapidly evolving. How we get the most out of this deal is up to us. This is the beginning of a growing relationship in which we'll help Sam and his team understand the characteristics of modern editorial content and learn valuable lessons about how, when, and what AI users are accessing news and analysis. And we can and should incorporate those lessons into how we create and deliver news.

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