NetApp ARP/AI Earns AAA Rating from SE Labs for Ransomware Detection

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NetApp announced that ONTAP Autonomous Ransomware Protection with Artificial Intelligence (ARP/AI) has received a AAA rating from SE Labs. The independent testing company validated the protective effectiveness of NetApp ARP/AI, highlighting a 99% recall metric, an indicator of malware detection rate against ransomware attacks, and noting that there were no false positives.

SE Labs has conducted rigorous testing of NetApp ARP/AI against numerous known ransomware variants and the results showed a 99% detection rate for advanced ransomware attacks and 100% detection rate for legitimate files with no false positives, demonstrating the solution's ability to function effectively in business environments without causing alert fatigue.

“NetApp has achieved a significant milestone in the fight against ransomware as the first and only storage vendor to offer AI-driven, on-box ransomware detection with the highest level of externally validated protection effectiveness,” said Dr. Arun Gururajan, vice president of research and data science at NetApp.

“Ransomware detection methods that rely solely on backup data are too slow to effectively mitigate the risks businesses face from cybersecurity threats. NetApp ARP/AI empowers enterprise storage by providing robust, built-in detection capabilities that can respond to ransomware threats in real time.”

NetApp's AI-powered ransomware detection is designed to provide real-time detection and response to minimize the impact of cybersecurity threats. In business environments, speed of response is crucial to mitigate the potential damage caused by ransomware.

A difference of just a few seconds can mean the difference between maintaining business continuity or suffering significant disruptions due to production data loss and downtime. NetApp ARP/AI aims to address this problem by integrating fast, automated, and accurate detection and response capabilities into primary storage systems.

Highlighting NetApp's commitment to innovation in Intelligent Data Infrastructure, Dr. Gururajan said, “The AAA rating we've earned from SE Labs is a testament to our commitment to innovation in Intelligent Data Infrastructure and our efforts to find new ways to make NetApp the most secure storage in the world.”

By building ransomware detection capabilities into your storage solutions, NetApp ARP/AI can improve your cyber resilience while reducing the operational burden and skill requirements needed to maintain an intelligent data infrastructure. The AI-driven detection technology continuously adapts and evolves as new ransomware variants are discovered. This continuous retraining ensures NetApp ARP/AI remains highly effective against the ever-changing ransomware threat.

While NetApp ARP/AI has demonstrated high effectiveness in testing, it is recognized that no system can guarantee complete detection of all attacks. However, the SE Labs results demonstrate that NetApp's technology provides sufficient detection capabilities based on known technologies and attack techniques.

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