PROVEN Solution Wins ‘Best Innovative AI Solution Provider of the Year’ Award at GovTech Innovation Awards 2023

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PROVEN Solution, a leading provider of technical solutions in cutting-edge technology areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and VR/AR, has been named “Best Innovative AI Solution Provider of the Year” in GovTech Innovation at Awarded. Awards 2023 hosted by CPI Media Group. PROVEN Solution was recognized for its efforts in developing innovative solutions using AI to effectively solve real-world problems.

Zayd Al Mashari, CEO of PROVEN Solution, commented on the award. “We are humbled to be recognized by PROVEN Solution for our dedication to fostering innovation and advancing the AI ​​environment at the prestigious GovTech Innovation Awards 2023. Innovation is an important part of society.” We take great pride in developing sustainable and effective solutions using AI, robotics and virtual/augmented reality. “

“This award is a reminder that our journey is just beginning and that we will continue to push the boundaries of AI technology to provide cutting-edge solutions to solve real-world problems. is not only a recognition of our tireless efforts, it is also a testament to the innovation and dedication our team works on a daily basis. The focus has always been to create AI solutions that redefine technological progress by creating value for our partners and clients,” added Al-Mashari.

PROVEN Solution is committed to creating a world where human needs and innovation are in harmony. To achieve this vision, the company has established various business units focused on key technological advancements. PROVEN Robotics is a leading provider of robotics solution providers worldwide, transforming work environments with the most advanced robots on the market, making tasks less redundant and more efficient. Recently, PROVEN Robotics announced that it was the first in the region to successfully integrate ChatGPT and Pepper Robot, enabling advanced natural language processing capabilities and enhanced communication capabilities. Combining an advanced AI language system with the company’s highly effective Pepper robotics platform enables a unique proposition for a wide range of applications, from customer service and entertainment to education and research.

PROVEN Reality develops products that allow users to interact with real-world objects, creating solutions that make virtual interaction seamless and accurate. Its solutions are tailor-made by integrating 3D imaging and AR/VR devices with industry, application, usability and accessibility in mind.

PROVEN Solution’s AI-powered platforms Habot, Sanad and Aemaco integrate with enterprises to help them become AI-powered enterprises. The Habot platform offers a bilingual chatbot service in English and Arabic. Sanad uses intelligent document processing (IDP), an advanced AI technology, to help automate data extraction in English and Arabic. The Aemaco platform brings customers innovative energy management and energy saving solutions.

With these high-tech products, PROVEN Solution has already penetrated industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, education, construction, engineering and entertainment in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

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