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An anonymous reader shares the report.Not all weather apps are the same. There are tens of thousands of apps, from the simply designed Apple Weather to the expensive, complex and data-rich Windy.App. However, all of these predictions are based on similar data drawn from sources such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the European Center for Medium-Term Weather Forecasts. Traditional meteorologists interpret these models based on training, instinct, and past local weather patterns, and various weather apps and services tend to use secret sources of their own algorithms to infer forecasts. I have. On an average day, you’ll see similar forecasts from app to app and on your TV. But when it comes to how people feel about weather apps, these edge cases (which usually occur during severe weather events) are what stick out in people’s minds. “80% of the time, the weather app works fine for him,” said Matt Lanza, a forecaster who runs his Space City Weather in Houston. “But it’s 20% of that that people get burned, and that’s the problem.”

No one on the planet has a more bitter relationship and conflict with a weather app than someone who makes a living interpreting predictive models. “My wife is married to a meteorologist, and if she says her favorite weather app is different than my forecast, she’ll ask me questions openly,” she told me. Told. “That’s how these services are ingrained in most people’s lives.” he argues that […] It seems that what people want from a weather app is something they blindly trust and can justify fitting into their lives. According to his 56,400 rating for his Carrot on Apple’s App Store, avid fans find the app entertaining and even adorable. One five-star review said, “I love the psychotic yet amazingly accurate weather app.” Many people need reliable forecasts, but true loyalty comes from weather apps.

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