Osler AI Webinar Series

AI Basics

February 8, 2023

artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is changing the world around us. What once seemed like science fiction is becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives. To further his knowledge of the direction of AI and the issues surrounding its use, Osler Osler AI Webinar SeriesOsler and AI experts from across the industry come together to explore and better understand the power and implications of AI.

The series begins by providing the building blocks or fundamentals of AI, including defining key concepts, exploring the AI ​​ecosystem, describing how AI systems are developed, and identifying regulatory models and legal risks. We then show how a deep understanding of these core concepts and risks is critical to negotiating commercial agreements covering AI systems and financing, and to buying or selling AI companies.


Available on demand, each hour-long session in this series offers a unique opportunity to gain the perspective of those at the forefront of AI today and learn about current and future strategies.

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Osler AI Webinar Series – Module 1 – Artificial Intelligence: A Primer

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March 7, 2023

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