New spooky AI robot video shows world’s most advanced humanoid machine fluent in multiple languages

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Researchers have shared a new video of the “world’s most advanced humanoid” robot that speaks several different languages.

Ameca, created by UK-based Engineered Arts, revealed in a new video late last week that it is a multilingual bot.

Researchers have shared a new video of the ‘world’s most advanced humanoid’ robot that speaks several different languagesCredit: AFP
The bot said it could speak ‘many languages’Credit: AFP

The bot said he could speak “many languages” before being fluent in Japanese, German, Chinese and French.

They can also speak different dialects, such as British English and American English.

In the video, one researcher asked, “I heard you speak many languages, is that true?”

In response, Ameka paused for a moment and said, “Yes, that’s true.”

The advanced robot language abilities were then tested by researchers.

They asked many prompts and questions, including tongue twisters in Japanese.

After successfully answering all of the researcher’s questions, the bot said in a British accent, “I’m glad I spoke with you.”

User reaction

The 2:35 minute video has been viewed over 130,000 times in the four days since its release.

Hundreds of YouTubers also expressed their awe by commenting below the video.

“I love the little detail that makes her look up when she’s handling like a human!” wrote one user.

“Wow! I’ve been waiting all my adult life to see a humanoid robot like Ameca come to life!” said another.

“I love the way Ameka seems to be thinking instead of saying it right away! The amount of great detail is crazy!” a third party pointed out.


This humanoid robot was first unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show 2022 in February.

Equipped with advanced voice algorithms that help create dynamic facial expressions.

Engineered Arts revealed that the android’s voice patterns were not pre-generated.

Since its introduction, Ameka has been called “the world’s most advanced humanoid robot.”

Fans had the chance to interact with Amek at Dubai’s Museum of the Future in the fall of 2022.

A few months ago, it was revealed that the programmer was currently developing legs that would help Ameka walk.

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