Microsoft Teams introduces AI-powered beauty filters for video calls

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In today’s fast-paced world of remote work and virtual meetings, people are often concerned about their appearance during video calls. Microsoft has addressed this concern by introducing new AI-powered beauty features for Teams users. In partnership with cosmetics giant Maybelline, Microsoft has launched a collection of “virtual makeup” filters similar to those found on social media platforms such as TikTok.

The Maybelline Beauty App offers Teams users a variety of 12 unique looks, each with blur effects and digital makeup color options. These filters feature attention to detail to replicate real-world Maybelline products and shades. It allows users to virtually recreate makeup and apply it to their real face using corresponding Maybelline products.

These virtual makeup filters are powered by AI technology developed by Modiface, an augmented reality company focused on the beauty industry. Modiface’s technology is already being used by well-known cosmetic companies such as Sephora and Estée Lauder. Our collaboration with the Geena Davis Institute ensures that our filters work for a wide variety of people.

Despite concerns that look-altering filters set unrealistic standards of beauty, the demand for such features is still clear. Platforms like Zoom already have limited beauty effects built in, but Microsoft Teams goes one step further by giving users even more options and customization.

This new feature is rolling out to Microsoft Teams Enterprise customers worldwide and can be found in the Teams meeting settings[ビデオ効果]You can access it from the tab. The company is also looking into the possibility of making these filters available to users in the free Microsoft Teams tier.

To start using the Maybelline app in Teams, users must[会議に参加]Click[ビデオ効果],[その他のビデオ効果],[フィルター]by category[メイベリン]and choose your preferred look.Existing meeting participants can also[詳細…]You can access the filters by clicking and following the same steps.

This new AI-powered beauty feature aims to boost your confidence and help you do your best in professional communication.

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