Master the fundamentals of computing with Bright Siaw Afriyie’s Concise ICT Fundamentals (3rd Edition)

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Acclaimed computer science expert and teacher Bright Siaw Afriyie has released the third edition of his world-famous textbook. “Concise ICT fundamentals.This book is the perfect guide for anyone who wants to understand the fundamentals of computing and better understand the power of computers in everyday life.

of this edition “Concise ICT Basics” It offers a more comprehensive approach to teaching computer science. It is an invaluable resource for everyone from high school and college students to professionals in the information technology industry. It offers an in-depth exploration of core concepts such as hardware, software, and networking, providing a strong foundation for anyone seeking to master the fundamentals of computing.

What sets this book apart is its hands-on approach to teaching. Real-life examples and case studies are used to illustrate the concepts explained in the text and provide readers with opportunities to practice and apply their new knowledge in hands-on activities. Additionally, this edition includes new chapters on data analytics, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things.

overwhelming success of “Concise ICT Basics” Already felt all over the world. It has been approved by the Educational Services and Curriculum Research and Development Department (CRDD) of Ghana as a recommended teaching aid for her ICT teaching and learning in high schools, technical schools and colleges of education. The TEA (Texas Education Authority) rated this book as covering 98% of the curriculum for a college-level, 1-credit course.

Whether you are an aspiring computer scientist or an experienced professional, “Concise ICT Basics” The perfect guide to mastering the fundamentals of computing. Grab your copy and start your journey to better understand computing.

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“Concise ICT Basics” (3rd edition)
Author: Bright Siau Afrie
Published by: Your Online Spokesperson
Publication date: March 2023
Pages: 556
Genre: Education & Education School & Education

About the author
Dr. Nana Bright Siaw Afriyie is an information technology engineering expert. Dr. Siaw Afriyie graduated from high school at her Opoku Ware School in Kumasi and received her Bachelor of Science in Computers (BSc.) and Advanced Degree in Telecommunications from the University of Quebec in Montreal. Canada (UQAM). Dr. Bright Siaw Afriyie also holds her MBA from the Graduate School of Management (GSM) at the University of Dallas, Texas. He also completed his Master of Science in Cybersecurity when he earned his CLASS certification. Siaw Afriyie is currently completing his PhD in Computer Science (DCS) with a focus on Cybersecurity and Information Assurance (CIA) at the Colorado Institute of Technology (CTU).

Dr. Siaw Afriyie began his career as an information systems specialist in the early 1987s and spent seven years under the United Nations as a Programmer Statistical Analyst for the World Health Organization (WHO) Project on Onchocerciasis Control Programs in West Africa. I was working. He He He 81130 worked for four years in Computer He taught Information Systems and was a professor for two years. He was an assistant at the University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada, and as an adjunct faculty member at Dallas, Texas community colleges (Brookhaven and Mountain View He College) for two years. He worked as a Senior IT Analyst at Dallas City Hall for 15 years.

He currently holds a full-time position as a Lead Systems Integrations Engineer in the Advanced Technology Group (ATC3) of UPS Corporate Plant Engineering. While making progress in the field of information systems, he leveraged his professional experience and education in information technology to author and publish his four computer science textbooks. Introduction to Computer Fundamentals, Concise ICT’ Fundamentals Volumes 1 and 2, and the Concise ICT Teacher’s Guide.

He wrote an introduction to object-oriented programming using Java, which is not yet published. These books are intended to cover the high school curriculum of study and the introductory level computer his science studies in college. A future book, not yet published, is How to Control and Minimize Cyber ​​Fraud in Mobile Financial Services. In addition, Dr. Bright Siau Afuriyeh is the traditional ruler and was crowned chief of Adans Atbias on May 5, 2005. In the stool name of Nana Taaka II.

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