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Raleigh, North Carolina — Shiyan Jiang, an assistant professor in North Carolina poring over the results of a recent artificial intelligence project with 28 high school students, said he was impressed with their ability to use this developing technology. increase.

What you need to know

  • 28 high school students attend artificial technology class to develop machine learning models
  • The model helped organize and analyze Yelp reviews
  • This project helped introduce students to future careers in AI

“It’s about them planting the seeds and understanding AI technology,” Jiang said. We also want to empower their voices in public discussions about AI technology. ”

Jiang had his students create their own machine learning models to analyze Yelp reviews of ice cream shops.

According to Jiang, the students explored the challenges, limitations, and possibilities of future AI by running models.

“There are so many big technology companies coming and so many job opportunities. I want you to wear it.”

Jiang says AI is starting to creep into our daily lives. Something as simple as Amazon suggesting products to you, it’s AI that uses your buying habits.

“There is a model behind the system that makes automatic recommendations. When you watch a movie on Netflix, it will show you the recommended movie,” Jiang said.

AI has helped consumers, but there have been discussions about potential concerns with AI.

Recently, videos have emerged that use this technology to duplicate and manipulate an individual’s voice.

Chat GPT, a service that prompts, follows instructions, and provides detailed responses, is also used by students to write papers.

Jiang says it’s important to be vigilant when encountering AI.

“It’s about knowing what kind of AI technology we’re interacting with,” Jiang says. Who developed this kind of technology from whose point of view? ”

As the potential of this technology continues to develop, Jiang says he is excited to see how far the technology will take us.

“I hope it helps us to be more creative and create more innovations, different kinds of innovations.

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