Google’s AI Powers Priceline’s Virtual Travel Agency

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JUNE 6 (Reuters) – Looking for a New York hotel near Christmas markets, vegan restaurants, or other attractions?

The companies told Reuters they shouldn’t expect Priceline to introduce artificial intelligence from Google (GOOGL.O) as early as this summer.

The online travel agency, part of Booking Holdings (BKNG.O), debuts more sophisticated chatbots for planning trips and personalized ‘personal concierge’-like hotel recommendations. Priceline’s chief technology officer, Martin Brodbeck, said it aims to board member.

“When you actually book a hotel, it’s easy to see that Bryant Park has a Christmas market from early November to early January,” he said.

New tools from Google’s cloud division will give Priceline access to generative AI, like the technology behind ChatGPT, which can make text look like it was written by a human. The tool also extracts information such as hotel prices from existing data to ensure accuracy.

For Priceline, the adoption of new technology could give it an edge over countless sites selling travel options, some of them Google. Brodbeck said Google’s capabilities, not competition, led to the partnership.

For Google, unlocking business through AI is a potential way to close the gap with long-lost third-largest rivals Amazon (AMZN.O) and Microsoft (MSFT.O) on cloud services such as data storage. becomes.

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian said the ability to build applications on technology pioneered by Google is attracting new and existing customers.

“We’re having a sort of Cambrian moment right now where this technology explodes,” Kurian told Reuters, referring to an extraordinary prehistoric period in which a wide range of new species emerged.

He declined to comment on how the free enterprise preview has impacted Google Cloud’s profitability, but the company is focused on cost efficiency and believes that a good product is a “business will resolve on its own,” he said.

Brodbeck said Google’s AI will generate coding suggestions for Priceline’s hundreds of software developers, among other uses. Priceline plans to adopt his Google search feature for its employee intranet. And Google’s AI accelerates marketing to trending destinations.

“You can have it create beautiful beachy imagery and combine it with a great generative AI copy,” says Brodbeck.

Reporting by Jeffrey Dustin, Palo Alto, CA.Editing: Sonali Paul

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