“Excellent”: Regional MPP motion on “responsible use” of AI passes

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The motion, which had bipartisan support, directed states to adopt methods to assess risk, determine the ethical use of AI in government, and develop security measures.

Newmarket-Aurora County Councilor Dawn Gallagher-Murphy has advanced a motion to address the use of artificial intelligence by the State Government.

The motion states that the Ontario government should adopt methods to assess risk and determine the adoption and ethical use of AI in government, while also developing security measures. The motion was filed on April 10th and advanced with unanimous consent from all parties on May 10th.

MPPs thanked their colleagues and the Opposition NDP and Liberal Party for supporting the civilian member's motion.

“This is an exciting agreement that will enable Ontario to set an example across Canada on the responsible use of AI in government,” Gallagher Murphy said in a news release.

Gallagher-Murphy said there is currently no legislation at any level of Canadian government regarding the responsible use of AI in government. However, the Ontario Ministry of Public and Enterprise Services Delivery has published a trusted AI framework.

Minister for Public and Enterprise Services Todd McCarthy thanked Mr Gallagher-Murphy for his work on this issue.

“Under Premier (Doug) Ford's leadership, we are leading by example in unleashing the power of artificial intelligence by taking an important first step in leading government's responsible use of this revolutionary new technology,” McCarthy said in a news release.

The private member's motion does not currently have any legislation attached to it, but it does provide direction to the state government.

Various organizations in the technology sector have expressed their support.

Amir Soheili, vice president of digital health and diagnostics, and Sam Fielding, chief information officer at Southlake Regional Medical Center, said this is a great step.

“It is critical that governments recognize the transformative potential of AI in healthcare, while also preventing risks and supporting the ethical use of AI in all its forms,” they said in a news release. “We look forward to Ontario’s continued leadership and commitment to advancing AI in health care.”

“Ontarians will be the beneficiaries of tonight's bipartisan vote,” Gallagher-Murphy said on social media.

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