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News Brief:

  • Cisco is announcing a new Security Service Edge (SSE) solution that enables a superior hybrid work experience and radically simplifies access across any location, any device, and any application.
  • Cisco is previewing the first generative AI capabilities in Security Cloud to simplify security operations and improve efficiency.
  • New innovations across firewall, multicloud, and application security further fulfill Cisco’s Security Cloud Platform vision.

Las Vegas, June 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Cisco Live — Cisco (CSCO), a leader in enterprise networking and security, is using AI-driven Cisco Security to simplify cybersecurity and enable people to do their best work from anywhere, regardless of the increasingly sophisticated threat landscape. Delivering on the promise of the security cloud. Cisco invests in cutting-edge innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning that empower security teams by simplifying operations and increasing effectiveness.

Secure connectivity to all applications and resources, wherever they are
Today’s IT environment has changed dramatically. Cloud adoption is accelerating. Today, remote and hybrid users make up the majority. Most organizations rely on a complex web of point products that were not designed to support today’s highly distributed environment. Users have to navigate an inconsistent access experience and re-authenticate throughout the day, slowing productivity.and Cisco Secure Access, Cisco’s new SSE solution handles decisions about how users connect to applications behind the scenes, helping users get the information they need faster. As a result, users are less hassle and more secure.

“Cisco Secure Access eases the burden on users, provides a great experience with smooth access to all applications, not just some, and enables secure hybrid work,” he said. says. Jeetu Patel, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Security and Collaboration at Cisco. “Our unparalleled visibility into our network gives us an advantage over other companies, and we truly believe that Cisco is the best network fit in the world.”

Highlights of Cisco Secure Access include:

  • Common access experience: It provides a single, easy way to access all your applications and resources (not just some) by intelligently and securely directing traffic to private and public destinations without end-user intervention.
  • Single cloud management console: Simplify security operations by consolidating multiple capabilities into one easy-to-use solution that protects all your traffic. Admins and analysts have one place to see all their traffic, set all their policies, and analyze security risks instead of managing an extensive set of tools. This results in increased efficiency, reduced costs, and a flexible IT environment.
  • Faster detection and response: It provides analytics for faster investigations, and detects and blocks more threats, backed by Cisco Talos AI-driven threat intelligence.

Cisco works with leading mobile device vendors to build the most secure and best user experience, no matter where your users work. Cisco is working with Apple to bring Zero Trust Access (ZTA) capabilities powered by Cisco Secure Access into the native iOS and macOS experience, democratizing secure access to applications while simplifying and simplifying IT for IT. It’s safer for everyone.

“At Apple, we strongly believe in providing privacy and security built in from the ground up,” he said. Susan Prescott, Vice President of Enterprise & Education Marketing at Apple. “Later this year, iPhones, iPads and Macs will natively support network relay. Combined with Cisco Secure Access, businesses will have a secure and seamless remote access solution that will allow them to reach their business from anywhere. You’ll be able to do your best work on the best device for you.” ”

Cisco Secure Access takes a hybrid point-of-presence (POP) approach with Cisco data centers and public cloud providers to rapidly expand your global reach. As part of the Cisco Security Cloud, you can take advantage of the rest of Cisco’s security and networking portfolio, including the built-in network visibility of Cisco ThousandEyes, and easily integrate with third-party vendor solutions. Cisco Secure Access will be available on a limited basis starting in 2016. July 2023 generally available in October 2023.

“Organizations adopt SSE for a variety of reasons, but improving security outcomes is definitely at the top of the list. , we need to simplify security team processes to improve efficiency and ensure consistency,” he said. John Grady, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “Security teams planning for SSE should prioritize integrated solutions that focus on simplicity, scale and user experience.”

“WWT’s goal is to provide security solutions and services that help our customers achieve their business objectives. I am excited.” Neil Anderson, Area Vice President of Cloud and Infrastructure Solutions at WWT. “Cisco Secure Access enables our customers to easily access private and Internet resources for private, cloud, and SaaS applications while transparently securing them against threats and reducing user productivity. It can reduce frustration while improving performance.”

Generative AI Improves Threat Response and Simplifies Security Policy Management
Furthering its strategic vision, Cisco is previewing the first generative AI capabilities in its security cloud. Most organizations today use a patchwork of security products, requiring teams to set and maintain highly complex security policies and track and remediate threats across numerous solutions.

  • Reduce policy complexity: Cisco Security Cloud leverages an AI-powered, generative Policy Assistant to help security and IT administrators write granular security policies and assess how best to implement them across different aspects of their security infrastructure make it possible. In an initial implementation, customers will be able to reason using her Cisco’s AI Assistant to evaluate and create more efficient firewall policies. It leverages Cisco Secure Firewall Management Center customers’ existing rule sets to drive unparalleled efficiency without sacrificing granular control and will be available later this year.
  • Quickly detect and remediate threats: Cisco’s SOC Assistant helps security operations centers (SOCs) detect and respond to threats faster. When an incident occurs, the assistant contextualizes email, web, endpoint, and network-wide events to tell her SOC analysts exactly what happened and its impact. Analysts can then interact with their assistants to make inferences and leverage an extensive knowledge base of potential actions to determine the best remediation approach, also taking into account analyst input. Cisco shared this concept for the first time at RSA Conference 2023 and was pleased to share that the event summary feature will be available by the end of his 2023, with the rest of the features available in the first half of his 2024. increase.

Enhanced network security for hybrid work
The world is a hybrid, and users expect seamless connected experiences in the office and on the go.

As the demand for firewalls as a cornerstone of the security stack continues to grow, new Cisco Secure Firewall 4200 Series Raise the bar for performance and flexibility with cryptographic acceleration, clustering, and modularity.

Features of the Secure Firewall 4200 running the new version 7.4 operating system include:

  • Block AI and ML-based encrypted threats without decryption.
  • An evolution of Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) with full threat inspection and policies for each individual application.
  • Simplified branch routing brings security, control and visibility to traffic from remote offices to applications in hybrid data centers.

The Cisco Secure Firewall 4200 Series Appliances are now generally available. September 2023 Support 7.4 version of operating system. The 7.4 OS is generally available for the rest of the Secure Firewall appliance family. December 2023.

Cisco is also proud to announce Cisco Multicloud Defense Following the recent acquisition of Valtix. Multicloud Defense extends the traditional firewall concept to a service-oriented multicloud world. The SecOps team can now manage security across AWS, GCP, Azure and OCI in real time with a single policy from his single SaaS platform. Additionally, teams can quickly launch security for any cloud environment, leading to increased security and efficiency. Cisco Multicloud Defense is available now.

Cloud application security
With new capabilities, Cisco offers a unified approach to securing cloud-native applications from code to cloud. panoptica, Cisco’s cloud-native application security solution. In addition to Cloud Workload Protection (CWPP), which Panoptica currently offers, Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) will be available from fall 2023, providing continuous cloud security compliance and monitoring at scale to help customers provides visibility into the entire inventory of cloud assets, including: Kubernetes cluster. Additionally, a new attack path engine that uses graph-based technology to provide advanced attack path analysis helps security teams quickly identify and remediate potential risks across cloud infrastructures. Additionally, Panoptica’s integration with Cisco’s full-stack observability portfolio provides real-time visibility to prioritize business risks. These integrated capabilities help security and development teams alike gain the visibility, control, and actionable intelligence they need to protect dynamic cloud applications and infrastructure.

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