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ChatGPT for beginners
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important point

  • ChatGPT is a chatbot launched by the OpenAI project in November 2022.
  • ChatGPT is one of the most popular NPL (Natural Language Processing) AI system.
  • Despite its growing popularity, ChatGPT is still unknown to many
  • This free crash course by Adrian Twarog will help you learn the basics of ChatGPT

ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a chatbot launched by the OpenAI project in November 2022. A living human agent. ChatGPT is trained using Reinforcement Learning and NLP (Natural Language Processing) to help generate human-like text based on user-provided input prompts.

An example user prompt is:

  • Write a one-page letter to a pregnant patient explaining the dangers of a head CT scan
  • Write a one page essay about COVID-19
  • write an essay on artificial intelligence
  • I want to cook seafood today, can you tell me 10 dishes?

The final prompt produces output similar to the following:

  • shrimp and grits
  • salmon burger
  • Clam chowder
  • lobster roll
  • cajun shrimp and rice
  • crab cake
  • garlic shrimp pasta
  • seafood tacos
  • seaford jumbo
  • grilled salmon and vegetables

A follow-up prompt might be something like, “What are the steps to prepare shrimp and grits?”

ChatGPT Crash Course for Beginners by Adrian Twarog is a free crash course for chatGPT. This course is a very popular course on chatGPT, with almost 1.5 million views in the last 4 weeks. First, we will introduce the OpenAI platform and learn how to set up a personal account on the OpenAI platform. Next, learn the basics of chatGPT, including features and limitations. Next, learn more advanced uses of chatGPT, such as writing an essay, blogging, writing a research paper, cover letter, resume (or CV), translating text, and editing text.

Straight from its website, here’s what the course promises to cover:

  • prologue
  • sign up
  • More about ChatGPT
  • How to use prompts
  • Shopping list
  • javascript
  • ChatGPT error
  • short story
  • text video games
  • Legal and Copyright Template
  • jokes and humor
  • cover letter and resume
  • Summarization and keyword extraction
  • Blog posts and edits

Another great tutorial on chatbots in general can be found in this free IBM Technology Crash Course: What is a Chatbot?

Topics to study include:

  • What is a chatbot?
  • how do they work?
  • Do chatbots only work on websites, or are there other mediums in which chatbots can facilitate conversations?
  • And why would you want to use a chatbot?

In summary, we have shared some resources for learning the basics of chatGPT. Chatbots will become more and more popular as AI permeates our daily lives. If you use chatGPT, please familiarize yourself with its capabilities and limitations as the output from chatGPT can be inaccurate and misleading. Also, please provide useful feedback by upvoting or downvoting the responses that chatGPT outputs to specific prompts. This allows chatGPT to continue to enhance its ability to produce reliable human text output.

Benjamin O. Tayo Physicist, data science educator, writer, and owner of DataScienceHub. Previously, Benjamin taught engineering and physics at Central University of Oklahoma, Grand University of Canyon, and Pittsburgh State University.

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