Can Indian graduates get jobs in the AI/ML sector? Which skills will drive the demand? Check out this study

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Overall, 45% of Indian graduates indicate they are ready to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry. (Representative Image)

Overall, 45% of Indian graduates indicate they are ready to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry. (Representative Image)

The survey also revealed some clear differences in the employment prospects of technical and non-technical skill sets of Indian graduates.

A recent survey by Mercer|Mettl, a skills assessment platform, revealed that nearly half of Indian graduates exploring career opportunities in AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) related roles are job-ready. According to the India Graduate Skills Index 2023 study, Indian graduates have a strong employability rate of 48% in AI/ML roles, indicating there is a significant talent pool available to meet the growing demand for this cutting-edge technology.

The survey highlights that the growing demand for talent in the AI/ML field opens the door to promising career opportunities and underlines the importance of encouraging graduates to pursue and acquire AI-related skills and knowledge.

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Overall, 45% of Indian graduates indicate that they are prepared to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry. requestThe survey found that there is a clear difference in the employment prospects of Indian graduates based on technical and non-technical skills.

Between Technical skills, Applied mathematics skills stand out with an impressive employability rate of 72%, but other skills with high employability include data science (57%), MySQL (57%) and Oracle SQL (54%).

Among popular job categories, Indian graduates have the highest employment rate in AI/ML roles at 48%. Back-end development, Data Science, Data AnalysisQA automation jobs have a similar employment rate of 39%.

Between Non-technical jobs, According to a Mercer|Mettl survey, financial analyst roles had an employment rate of 45%, followed by human resources professionals at 44%. Business Analyst Similar roles have an employment rate of 45%, while project managers have an employment rate of 39%, while sales and business development have the lowest employment rate at 37%.

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The study cited graduate employability in emerging occupations such as: Backend Developers, Data Scientists, Data Analysts,QA automation shows similar employability ranges across the three levels of universities.

This trend suggests that learners at different levels of college have similar opportunities to acquire these skill sets through self-study or access to online courses, the study said.

“The rapidly changing employment landscape demands agility and our research reveals that Indian graduates are ready to rise to the opportunity with the right skill sets,” said Siddhartha Gupta, CEO, Mercer Mettle.

“The job market of the future will be increasingly dynamic and an open mindset to upskill or reskill as demand changes will be a key differentiator. As the world's largest technology-driven skills assessment company, we strongly believe that industry-academia collaborations to address existing gaps will go a long way in creating job-ready graduates,” Gupta added.

The study is the result of a comprehensive analysis that assessed data from over 2,500 campuses and over 440,000 learners to assess the skills readiness of India's youth.

The report urges employers and educational institutions to bridge the skills gap and prepare India's emerging workforce for future demands to capitalize on opportunities in a rapidly changing employment landscape.

These insights help companies make informed hiring decisions and empower graduates to align their skillsets with industry demands, helping them make a successful transition from education to the workforce.

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