AI provides new tools for game creation, but developers worry about their jobs

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Most of the time AI is very bad at representing hands. They come out with six or four fingers, or worse, just a faint edge that fades into the background. AI has programmed people of all cultures with big 1940s Western-era smiles. We are reshaping the image as we know it and readjusting it according to the prompts. However, depending on the input data, the AI ​​may or may not come up with a solution.

Video game developers and AI companies want to use these AI tools to streamline game development and accelerate development. They argue that this could help solve the problem of video game tightness and automate some of the most tedious parts of game development. But at the same time, cautious developers warn that the speed at which new technologies are advancing could make it even more difficult to break into an industry notoriously low-paying and difficult to enter.

On a panel I moderated at the Game Developers Conference in March, I criticized Microsoft employees working with artificial intelligence on whether AI would take the jobs of quality assurance testers. Activision Blizzard’s Quality Assurance personnel participate in performance improvement projects and are required, for example, to find bugs and meet quotas. If we could use AI tools to find all the bugs in the game, wouldn’t it take away QA’s job? Because there are so many bugs in , developers said they usually can’t find all of them before the title is released to the public.

“If you’re playing a game, once it ships, there may only be a few hundred people involved in making that game,” said vice president and executive director of The Coalition, the studio responsible for the game. Technical Director Rayner said. gears of war franchise. “Once out there, millions of people will be playing the game. So they’re going to find all the bugs, right? You get a lot of test coverage, and that’s where the power really lies.”

On March 23, Ubisoft announced a new AI tool called Ghostwriter. It says it helps writers repeat a line of dialogue in 10 different ways. “Listen, come here,” calls one of the non-playable characters in the Ubisoft trailer. (Ubisoft declined to be interviewed for this piece.)

These basic lines of dialogue, called barks, are a way for writers to get into writing games. Depending on whether you’re talking to an AI evangelist or an entry-level game developer, finding bugs in bark and QA can be a kind of tedious job, or a stable job in a tough industry. Any of the very important advances or paths to maintain. Freelance game writer Janine Hawkins said automating this basic task in game development could cost people jobs. first tweeted About the tools of March 24th.

“I have no doubt that writers who currently work with and tailor this tool to their needs either enjoy using it or find it useful,” Hawkins said. told me “But all it takes is an executive saying, ‘Why do we need the same number of writers when our writers can bark twice as much as they do now?'” That threatens scarce writing jobs. It’s from “

Hawkins said the job threat could come from Ubisoft and other developers using similar tools. “This is already a very devalued area of ​​game creation, and it’s easy to imagine the valuation snowballing as AI tools become more volume focused.”

In China, for example, some freelancers are noticing a shortage of video game job opportunities, an intelligence agency reports. rest of the world This is the report for April 11th.

“Entry-level jobs have always been risky. AI could exacerbate this situation, but it certainly won’t change the precarious nature of these positions.”

“AI streamlines some of the chronic shortcomings in game development, especially last minute deadlines that matter,” said Joest van Dornen, lecturer in game business at New York University’s Stern School of Business. . “Entry-level jobs have always been risky. AI could exacerbate this situation, but it certainly won’t change the precarious nature of these positions. We must question whether such organic intelligence is lost or whether it is a strategic disadvantage.”

Admittedly, game development is very difficult and prototyping a game can take a lot of time. And it’s also true that many of these basic roles are repetitive and monotonous.

“Games, and more specifically art for games, are becoming increasingly expensive,” said Constantina Psoma, founder and CEO of Kaedim, a company that uses machine learning algorithms to turn 2D images into 3D models. It’s becoming more and more time consuming.” “We believe that AI-powered software developed to solve the challenges of game developers can reduce cost and time while maintaining graphical fidelity.”

This is the very real promise of generative AI, already demonstrated in some of these apps. Now you can visit any of these apps to generate your own avatar with perfect lighting conditions and desired pose.

Hiring a human artist, which used to cost $100-200 and took days, is now a free process that takes seconds and allows you to tweak and redo the results as many times as you like. A service that the server can withstand the load. I don’t have to worry about my artists getting fed up with the amount of changes I’m requesting, but I do have to worry that some of these avatars that are created will look creepy and hollow.

“There was no regulation on AI and how it was used, so this was just opening a whole can of bugs. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he is not. “They were never made with the artist in mind. It wasn’t a bespoke tool. It bypassed the artist completely.”

Last epoch.
Image: 11th Hour Game

Regulators are considering how to deal with emerging technologies, and have given some hints as to how to think about them. Michael Attleson, an attorney in the FTC’s advertising practice, warned AI companies against false advertising in February.

Words from Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI new york Magazine: “We’re playing around with something we don’t fully understand, and we’re trying to do our part to contribute to that responsible path.”

So will AI take over game development jobs? The answer is that proper controls need to be put in place, Microsoft employees told the panel.

In a panel discussion, Daniel Kratz, director of responsible AI at Microsoft, invited people to “really, really stress test these systems and try to identify some of the new behaviors that might come as a pleasant surprise. to do,” he said. It may not be such a pleasant surprise. But I don’t know what I don’t know. And it is very important that such diverse opinions come into play there. “

Before we get too far ahead, it’s important to note that AI still gets things wrong.

For example, I asked ChatGPT for examples of language models used to describe non-playable lines of characters. According to it, in 2021, game developer 11th Hour Games used the technology to write dialogue in-game. last epoch. I have since verified this claim with the game studio. In an email to me, 11th Hour Games “said they were not using AI to generate dialogue for NPCs in-game.” last epoch And I was curious how ChatGPT came to that conclusion.

The bottom line is that for now humans are still responsible.

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