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Sprinklr AI integration enhances analytics and insight delivery

May 26, 2023

Sprinklr, a customer experience management platform, has launched a new service that combines its existing proprietary AI capabilities with OpenAI technology.

Pavitar SinghNow available in beta, the new SprinklrAI+ allows businesses to generate unstructured CX data from over 30 digital channels, including social media and messaging platforms, news, blogs and review sites, combined with AI to generate responses and Improve user experience, create insights and help act on them. Sprinklr says its integration with OpenAI is bespoke and “includes robust security and privacy terms,” ​​demonstrating the company’s commitment to protecting customer data.

Sprinklr’s proprietary technology already processes petabytes of unstructured text, audio, video, images, metrics and time-series data with over 1,250 industry-specific AI models across 100+ languages ​​and 150 countries. doing. The addition of OpenAI’s generation technology will allow clients to add summarization and automation options to their reseller notes. Automate conversation quality scoring and sentiment analysis at scale. Add topic analysis and summaries to the research platform Sprinklr Insights. Guide your marketing with brainstorming and content creation. Power your publishing and engagement tools for social media.

“We are seeing huge demand for generative AI capabilities to improve customer service and employee efficiency,” said CTO Pavitar Singh (pictured). Sprinklr AI+ brings this revolutionary technology to an enterprise-level customer experience that has the potential to revolutionize the front office of customers around the world.

New York-based Sprinklr launched a self-service CXM model earlier this year using integration with OpenAI, and is available online at www.sprinklr.com.

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