VideoVerse Acquires for AI-Driven Video Creation

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Video-editing software company VideoVerse has acquired, which uses AI to automatically create esports and gaming videos.

The price was not disclosed. CEO Daniel Daniel Evans said in an interview that VideoVerse is his Software-as-a-Service platform that will bring new capabilities to gaming and esports video as demand for AI-driven content creation and delivery continues to grow. It states that it is adding on games beat.

Evans said people from VideoVerse found the company and asked about the acquisition. VideoVerse had something similar in sports, but not in games.

“They liked the way we bridged that gap,” says Evans. “We have spent a lot of time in the games industry and have built relationships with publishers and developers, and we see many opportunities to help studios expose content to the community.”


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VideoVerse has a video editing software as a service business. uses AI technology tuned for gamers and streamers to streamline video content creation and automate the editing process by processing hours of video to bring out the best moments .

Reely’s platform can automatically identify in-game highlights and key moments, simplifying the creation of highlight videos that can be shared across various social media channels.

VideoVerse CEO Vinayak Shrivastav said in a statement: “This acquisition is a strategic step in expanding our offerings and providing enhanced solutions to our customers in the gaming industry. Our team is dedicated to helping our customers leverage cutting-edge technology to create engaging content and expand their audiences through innovative solutions like Reely’s. We are always looking for companies.”

Pivot to esports and gaming captures the action of the highlight reel. was launched in 2016 and Evans joined in 2020.

Evans said the company is focused on using AI to automate the creation of real-time video clips culled from longer videos. The team trained an AI to recognize highlights and extract metadata for sports teams. But with sporting events canceled during the pandemic, has veered to focus on gaming and esports content, Evans said.

Evans started playing at the Clubhouse, where I met him and his colleague Maria Gonima. He jumped into the gaming industry with his Game Industry Cocktail Hour event.

“I’ve been a gamer my whole life, so it was a passion,” he said. “We’ve spent the last two years building for the gaming community. We’ve built a technology that creates clips in an instant. We aim to essentially automate the process of adding data to YouTube channels.”

At this point, the technician can watch the entire stream of gameplay videos and come up with highlights. In a 6 hour stream, you might end up reviewing 250 highlights. All in all, raised him $2.3 million.

Siddhant Bhandari, Head of Strategy at VideoVerse, said in a statement: Creation. The VideoVerse team is excited about the prospect of continuing to enhance our offerings through future acquisitions. “

VideoVerse has already begun integrating’s technology into its existing suite of solutions to extend and improve its capabilities in the gaming market. The company provides advanced tools for players, streamers and content creators looking to develop, share and extend their reach of high-quality video content.

“Working with VideoVerse was an obvious choice,” says Evans. “VideoVerse’s comprehensive expertise in short-form video creation and delivery, combined with the latest AI and ML technologies, are a perfect fit for our real-time gaming solutions. AI is at a critical time and we want to integrate advanced video solutions to drive innovation in the industry.”

The popularity of esports has its ups and downs, but Evans believes that everyone wants to capture the best gaming moments, especially in competitive situations.

Evans said everyone is focused on leveraging generative AI in this space. He said a human editor could handle the sports load. But for games, he said, there’s a huge amount of content, which means you need to use AI to organize everything and understand what you have.

“If you don’t have an AI strategy or don’t build towards it, you’re falling behind,” says Evans.

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