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Applications of AI

Chennai: From predicting delivery times for food ordered on apps to suggesting short clips and movies on social media sites based on user preferences, artificial intelligence has already taken over our daily lives by force. doing. The emergence of ChatGPT, Google’s Bard, and several live speech translation apps has caused a great deal of excitement among students and parents. B Tech AI and Data Science courses are the most popular courses this year, followed by Computer Science Engineering.
Due to increased university enrollment, about 16,000 students will be enrolled in AI and data science courses in 2023-2024. However, universities are developing rapidly and are largely ill-equipped to teach a changing field. Most engineering colleges don’t have faculty trained to teach AI. Little is known about whether graduates will be immediately successful in the industry at the end of their four years.
Under peer pressure, students are flocking to highly specialized BTech courses already under control. Experts say you need to have application-oriented knowledge and exposure to data management and machine learning.
Universities say they will use live questions to teach AI and other emerging fields. Some universities work with industry experts and overseas universities to develop courses.
“We have practice professors from IT companies like Cognizant who train students on real problems,” he said. Abhay MeganathanVice-president, Rajarakshmi Institutional Group.
Some universities encourage faculty to enroll in online degrees, certification courses, and hackathons to get training in coding skills and artificial intelligence.
Experts say there is basically no big difference between computer science engineering and AI.
“Basically, the curriculum will be common across these courses,” said Anna University’s Vice Chancellor R. Verraj.
He also said AI will not take jobs. “We will need more engineers to deploy AI systems, so there will be more engineering jobs,” he said.
To take advantage of opportunities in emerging fields, Anna University will offer opportunities for all engineering students to study AI and data science.
“Universities should teach students how to solve real-world problems in order to produce quality AI engineers. Students who want to become AI engineers must be very good at programming,” he said. Told. B RavindranIIT Madras, Head of Responsible AI Center.
He also assured that jobs would not be taken away. “AI is not mature enough to fully replace humans with AI,” he added. Some experts have warned against increasing the number of slots in the AI ​​field, saying students at second- and third-tier universities will struggle to get the jobs they want.
“AI-related jobs are increasing, but not as much as educational institutions have increased their intake. We often have a hard time finding solutions,” said Shorya Roy, Chairman of the ACM India Special Interest Group on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining.
AI in use today
Movie recommendations on online streaming platforms such as OTT
Recommended videos on YouTube
Food delivery app uses AI to predict estimated delivery times
Online shopping sites are using AI for tasks such as pairing orders and selecting warehouses to ship products to
Predict travel time with a ride-hailing app
Virtual assistant devices and assistant apps
How is it different from a computer science curriculum?
Fundamentals are common to both computer science and AI. Students should learn more continuous mathematics such as probability theory, linear algebra, and optimization. Students should have a solid foundation in mathematics and computing. AI engineering requires very good programming skills.
Seats Available in BTECH AI and Data Science
Over 16,000 seats will be available in BTech AI and Data Science courses at engineering colleges for the 2023-24 academic year

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