Snowflake Ecosystem Converges at Snowflake Summit 2023, the World’s Largest Data, Apps and AI Event

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June 5, 2023 — Data cloud company Snowflake today announced that its vast ecosystem will participate in Snowflake, the world’s largest data, apps and AI event, June 26-29, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. announced that they will gather at the Summit 2023. Snowflake Summit 2023 will delve into Snowflake’s latest innovations, use cases and his leadership over four days, including an insightful fireside chat on generative AI with NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang and his His 400+ sessions, 200+ sessions included. Includes onsite partners, a featured speaker panel, and a number of specialized tracks focused on corporate success in data and generative AI. Buy your tickets to the world’s largest data, apps and AI event here.

“We are in the midst of a data-powered AI revolution that is reshaping nearly every aspect of the enterprise,” said Snowflake Chief Marketing Officer Dennis Persson. “Snowflake Summit is where organizations learn how to access, build, and monetize data, tools, models, and applications in ways that have immediate business impact.”

Nearly all businesses are evaluating the potential of generative AI to better serve their users and customers. Attendees can look forward to Generative AI and LLM content at Snowflake Summit 2023, including:

  • Monday’s CEO Keynote will feature NVIDIA Founder and CEO Jensen Huang and Snowflake Chairman and CEO Frank Slootman on the impact of generative AI on the enterprise, former Greylock general partner and now founder and CEO of Conviction Hosted by Sarah Guo, .
  • Thursday’s keynote panel features Landing AI Founder and CEO Andrew Ng. Ali Dalloul, Microsoft Azure AI VP. Jonathan Cohen, NVIDIA Vice President of Applied Research and Christian Kleinerman, Senior Vice President of Snowflake Products, will serve as moderators.
  • Snowflake co-founder and president of products Frank Slootman, Snowflake senior vice president of products Benoit Dageville, and Christian Kleinerman delivered keynotes on the introduction of third-party LLMs to data, and as a service to first-party LLMs. The next wave of Snowflake product innovation will be unveiled, including the offering of Create enhanced product experiences with LLM.
  • Snowflake’s recent acquisition of Neeva has revealed new details about how AI-driven search and conversational experiences are coming to life in the enterprise.
  • A technical deep dive into the latest data cloud advancements including generative AI and LLM, Apache Iceberg, security and privacy, programmability, application development, clean rooms, streaming, and more.
  • Dozens of partner-led sessions on leveraging generative AI within your organization’s tech stack to drive long-term business impact.
  • Launch of 100+ data cloud ecosystems to support all aspects of an organization’s AI/ML strategy, from new applications to technology integration into services and more.

For more information on Snowflake Summit 2023, please visit our website.

About Snowflake

Snowflake (NYSE: SNOW) enables any organization to put their data to work using Snowflake’s data cloud. Customers use the data cloud to consolidate siled data, discover and securely share data, and run a variety of analytics workloads. Wherever your data and users reside, Snowflake provides a single data experience across multiple clouds and geographies. Thousands of customers across many industries use the Snowflake Data Cloud to power their businesses, including 590 2022 Forbes Global 2000 (G2K) companies as of April 30, 2023.

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