Samsung announces Bixby will have generative AI this year

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Bixby is still around. In other news, Samsung Mobile president TM Roh confirmed that Bixby will have generative AI later this year. The Korean company's assistant will use its own large-scale language model, so it won't come about through a partnership with Google or OpenAI, at least initially.

Roh also confirmed that Samsung will continue to allow multiple voice assistants on its devices, so you'll likely get both the AI-enabled Bixby and Google Gemini, which is an alternative to Google Assistant. You can still download the ChatGPT app, but it won't be as integrated into the OS as Samsung and Google's apps are.

Samsung teased AI Bixby a few months ago, but as of now it hasn't even given a rough release window. Some speculate it could be released as part of One UI 7, Samsung's upcoming skin based on Android 15, but this hasn't been confirmed by Samsung executives.

TM Lo told CNBC:

We will continue to apply Gen AI technology to evolve Bixby. We are adding and enhancing more AI features in our products. As consumers use AI features more, they will really see the convenience and benefits. I believe these Galaxy AI, mobile AI, will be a strong motivator and driver for new product purchases.

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