Priceline signs on to Google Cloud for AI to help travel bookings

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The Priceline application will be demoed on the Apple iPhone.

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Online travel is rapidly becoming more popular as new artificial intelligence tools move beyond consumer-facing chatbots and internet search to a wider range of businesses.

Travel companies like Booking, Expedia and Airbnb are looking for ways to simplify the booking process and help consumers plan faster.

“Don’t know where you want to go? With this tool, you can narrow it down pretty quickly,” Priceline CEO Brett Keller told CNBC.

Priceline, a division of Booking, has announced a new partnership with Google Cloud. Google’s generative AI tool allows travelers to interact conversationally with a chatbot during planning and receive personalized hotel reservations.

Keller said AI not only helps customers make more thoughtful decisions about when and where to travel, but also helps employees reduce response times.

“We currently employ thousands of people to answer customer inquiries,” Keller said. “AI improves the ability of agents to give actionable advice.”

Keller said all the different routes have complex cancellation policies when agents help customers change their trips. Keller says new technology can read that information very quickly, reducing wait times. Google Cloud provides tools and features to help collect and scrub data that Priceline can use to support its customers.

Google Cloud’s vice president of industries, Carrie Tharpe, said the company’s Vertex AI technology provides location-based information to users, prompting users to ask, “What activities are for kids? I have two hours to spare.” You can ask questions such as

Tharp said the data Priceline brings to Google’s models will remain with Priceline, not Google.

Earlier this year, Expedia was one of the first companies to commit to investing in generative AI. The online travel company has launched its first ChatGPT-powered travel tool, and CEO Peter Kahn told CNBC in April that it will make it much easier to book, cancel and edit trips. rice field.

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky told CNBC the following month that generative AI would make the company’s processes more efficient.

“Within the next 12 months, we will see significant changes in our customer service. Quality will improve and costs will decrease,” he said.

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