Presidential Rankings Via AI Video Games Are Awesome

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AI is being used to get the president to discuss video games

Which “The Legend of Zelda” game is the best? These guys have the answer.

Joe Biden has almost certainly never played a video game in his life. Donald Trump probably isn’t either, but given his glorious B-level status as a reality show celebrity in the ’90s and 2000s, it’s likely that he’ll at least use the Wii remote at a long-forgotten VMA afterparty or something. Barack Obama was raising young children while he was in the White House, so I’m sure he played a few rounds. guitar hero But that’s probably about it.Anyway, my point here is that the recent presidential bloc is not gamer. No bumps along the way. fortnite You can always get queued right away. Street Fighter Matchmaking Lobby. But in an internet currently on fire with AI automation, Democrats and Republicans are turning into the most toxic gamers you know.

ElevenLabs is one of countless startups embarking on the rise of AI technology. Their product allows users to seamlessly convert text to human voice tones of their choice without any issues or hangups. The results are truly astonishing. (Most of ElevenLabs’ features require a subscription, but I highly recommend trying out its basic toolset.) The software is John Wayne’s effective resurrection and deep down It represents another step into our bizarre, cybernetic future, as if it were being manipulated from. Learn to cheat. Yes, the long-term prospects for the AI ​​revolution are still shrouded in ominous ambiguity, but for now, laugh at Obama, Trump, and Biden yelling at each other as they make every tier list Let’s look at. legend of zelda game.

“next ocarina of time, Do you think we can all agree that this is a pretty clear S-tier?” Obama says in a cool, perfectly tuned, out-of-the-box drawl.

“S-Rank? Really?” bellows the eternally tormented Donald Trump. “Has our society degraded to the point that this forms the S-Tier of late? link to the past But the S tier should be reserved for real masterpieces. ”

“I don’t know how it’s so easy Majora’s Mask, And call this game big and hollow,” counters Biden.

There are hundreds of other videos just like this, as young Americans envision a world where political leaders immerse themselves in debates that captivate blue-haired YouTuber cadres. Patient Zero is his TikTok uploaded by a user named Vortecks ​​on his February 15th. overwatch — Popular multiplayer shooter released by Blizzard. (“I wanted to queue alone, but I saw a fucking, fucking Bidenator in my lobby just to ruin my day,” Trump quipped. ) Today you can see the AI ​​Presidents gather for a round. mario kart 64, or Mine Craft motion, or a heated discussion about its difficulty dark soul. At last we have achieved bipartisan de-escalation between parties. All I needed was machine learning.

I don’t want to ski over here. These videos became popular because seeing how an AI device could stitch together a facsimile well enough to pass Joe Biden’s (not the most eloquent man on the planet) Turing his test Because it’s both hilarious and surprising. Yes, there’s a wealth of dystopian meaning on the horizon as the fabric of reality continues to fold back into itself. will undoubtedly come to denounce a renaissance of empowering turbo QAnon. But for now, I truly believe that the Biden-Trump gamer controversy is uniting America. After years of the most oppressive, soul-killing political discourse it has ever endured, it’s kind of nice to hear the man at the top of the polls talk about things other than healthcare and drag shows. That’s it.

“Everybody knows halo 3 it’s peak Hello,‘ says Donald Trump in another video — as you guessed it — the president is ruling Microsoft’s lesson Hello franchise. “The campaign is infinitely replayable, the armor is the prettiest look in the series, and the introduction of Forge has added a lot of creativity to the community.”

“You’re crack, everybody knows Halo 2 It’s the best,” counters Joe Biden, who’s photoshopped on screen and wearing chunky headphones bejeweled with LEDs.

Having grown up playing a lot of video games, I’ve regularly quarreled with friends over this exact same topic, usually over voice chat until 2 in the morning. There are no male ties, just like taking. Thanks to AI, we were finally able to put the arduous work aside and pretend that everyone, even Biden and Trump, could get along through interactions on his list of friends on Steam. It’s a world worth fighting for. Yes, the day may come when the ruling class will no longer be ruled solely by pale old men and dimestore narcissists. Perhaps our presidential tendencies aren’t so alien and unrealistic that the only way to relate to them is to recreate them in a terrifying voice. matrixmachine like. Then, and only then, will we put aside all the unrelated culture war drift that often dominates Fox News and CNN’s Kryon and instead hustle about topics far more relevant to our interests. for example, pokemon red and blue A tier or B tier.

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