Kant says AI will bring new concerns about fake news and privacy

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Panaji: India’s G20 Sherpa Amitabh Kant on Monday highlighted the risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI), despite AI playing a pivotal role in meeting future communication challenges. It also brings new risks, threats to personal privacy and concerns about fake news, he said. .

Speaking at the second G20-SAI Summit of the SAI20 Engagement Group in Panaji, the capital of Goa, Kant said: quickly and efficiently. ”

“Artificial intelligence systems, which play such an important role in the lives of our citizens, have both positive and disruptive potential,” he said. Mr Kant added that the G20 is committed to combating the harmful effects of global warming and climate change by using the oceans for conservation and conservation, protection and sustainable development of the oceans and beyond. He said that it is necessary to take the initiative in formulating an action plan for It is a national jurisdiction with a holistic vision of clean and healthy oceans for a safe planet.

On emerging opportunities and challenges in AI, the G-20 Sherpa of India said: “We need to recognize that rapid advances in artificial intelligence in the future will bring exciting new opportunities for human progress. It also poses threats to data protection and new risks to online safety.”

Kant said countries around the world need to adopt a balanced approach to this new technology, adding that G20 countries need to take a proactive approach to innovation.

Maximize the value of these technologies and provide entrepreneurs the freedom to innovate within a principled and ethical framework.

Kant said risk mitigation only works by providing early warning of emerging risks and impending threats.

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