Independent appraisers can outperform AI, says association

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At the 2023 Annual Dinner of the Association of Average Adjusters in London, Marine Insurance and There was a lot of demand for legal experts.

super computerMore than 200 members and guests who attended the Savoy Hotel event expressed their admiration for the long-standing tradition of the association, each 154 years old, and the level of expertise that the average appraiser surpasses the AI ​​generated. We are confident that we will continue to provide product.

They do this for two main reasons: prioritizing trust and leaving no room for error.

It was emphasized that the average coordinator’s skill remains unmatched by the latest innovations.

AI applications, lacking human qualities such as emotional intelligence and intuition, will be disrupted in efficiently and reliably handling maritime casualties.

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No one should be blinded by the theoretical possibility that AI “bots” will soon be able to “pass” even the rigorous exams to qualify for fellowships of the Society, they said.

Melis Otmar is General Liability Officer for H&D Marine, BMS Group, qualified as a Lloyd’s Broker in 2005 and Chair of the Marine Liability Subcommittee of the London and International Brokers Association. She urged the industry to decide on an approach to artificial intelligence that could scan everything in her documents and come to conclusions within seconds.

Mr Otmar said: “Where am I going to face an AI that could become a fellow of the Society in just four hours? What would I do given the time it took to “pulverize”. How am I going to stand up against an AI that can memorize every marine insurance term, case and adjustment in minutes? should I?

“In the past, technology replaced menial tasks, and new technologies created new jobs. But now AI can perform white collar jobs more efficiently. The degree of risk is debatable.Nevertheless, marine professionals survived on their innate knowledge and intuition.Without human emotional intelligence and intuition, it would be impossible to successfully deal with a marine casualty. You can’t, this is what AI lacks.

“Common averages become common and average for AI, but only on paper, not in practice. We are still captains of souls. ”

Regarding the reinsurance market, Heather Robinson, Fellow of the Association and Head of Middle East Maritime Coordination at Richards Hogg Lindley, added: This is particularly important in a market where claims leaders are local insurers who hold very little of the original risk, effectively reinsurance brokers. Without the involvement of independent adjusters, there is a very real risk that there will be a gap between what local insurers do with claims and what they ask reinsurers to do. ”

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