‘I Want To Reconcile With Ex-Wife’: Weird AI Tom Brady In ‘Standup’ Video Makes Controversial Gisele Bundchen Claims

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AI Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. From content generation to celebrity deepfakes to spooky voiceovers, AI content continues to wow the public.AI video now Tom Brady spread by word of mouth, and of can’t believe it Claim almost G.IseLe B.undChen and orof just of startThe video duplicates Brady’s voice in a mysterious way, with the fake Brady performing the entire standup show, with bizarre photos of him being manipulated playing in the background. , made some funny, and some very strange remarks.

In this animated and manipulated video, the former NFL GOAT makes some pretty bold statements about marriage, careers, and new habits. This video shows how far AI has come when it comes to accurately reproducing someone’s voice.

AI Tom Brady comments on Gisele Bundchen


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Animated video created by AI introduces the character of famous NFL quarterback Tom Brady. AI’s Tom Brady explains why it’s important to have premarital sex before marriage. And while they may not be romantic, they are important to protect yourself in case of divorce. Unfortunately, his own marriage ended in divorce. He hopes others are prepared for either outcome.

Tom Brady featured an animated video in which he jokes about his ex-wife Gisele Bündchen. bottom. He then jokes that if he wants to hear annoying sounds, he should make peace with his ex-wife.

“I want to reconcile with my ex-wife. No, she’s great, she’s great, we’re on great terms now!” – AI Tom Brady script mentioned.

Finally AI Tom said he started smoking marijuana after retirement and watched cartoons. AI Brady says it can help you relax, make your food taste better, and be more creative.

A comedy sketch of society, work, and the end of the world by Tom Brady!


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In a so-called “standup comedy” video, A.I. Brady humorously refers to fans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and suggests that what really kills the romance is losing a season in football.

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Tom Brady’s character highlights how the world has changed due to the pandemic. People don’t want to go to the office anymore. And he jokingly said that big companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook should change their names, just like Mark Zuckerberg changed his Facebook name to his Meta.


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The character also mentions creating AI that can harm the world, but now people need to figure out how to make money from it. Presented a strange idea.

Watch This Story – Before his divorce from Gisele Bündchen, Tom Brady’s true love was someone who made him fearful and suffocate years later.

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