How AI Enabled Video-con will Transform Traditional Meetings

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Platforms for video conferencing are in high demand right now. According to a recent report, the market for video conferencing is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of 8.6% from 2020 to 2027 and reach $12 billion in revenue. The development of video conferencing applications that provide more natural, adaptable, and relevant meeting experiences will be aided greatly by artificial intelligence (AI), which is exciting. Imagine a video meeting system that automatically schedules meetings for your whole team or that accurately transcripts meetings. All of this is doable with some basic AI applications. According to Sachin Dev Duggal, video-con is the best way to connect people face to face around the globe and with AI technology in it, video conference will automate and optimize which will result in flawless and uninterrupted meetings. He is the Founder and CEO of, which helps companies and businesses to build apps that run on no-code technology.

Video Conferencing with AI

AI-powered video conferencing makes use of machine learning to better presentation delivery, minimize noise, and optimize meeting experiences. Teams may record sessions and share them with others who aren’t present thanks to this technology, which also improves productivity, efficiency, and analytics for virtual meetings.

The use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to enhance video conferencing systems is growing. Through the provision of text-based solutions to improve non-verbal communication as well, the integration of NLP technologies contributes to an improvement in the entire user experience of video conferencing. As per the views of Sachin Dev Duggal, video-con will be highly benefitted from AI technology, video elements such as reports, voice-based virtual assistants, muting, voice quality, and translation will be automated, adjusted, and enhanced in an advanced manner.

The Benefits of AI in Video Conferencing

  1. Meeting Summaries are Efficient and Effective- Meeting summaries can be inefficient and time-consuming, but AI-powered tools like Advanced Meeting Insights provide a comprehensive rundown of key information. These summaries include a written summary, keywords for quick referencing, video highlights, and AI-generated topics for easy navigation to specific clips in the recording.
  2. Improved Presentation Delivery and Participation- By incorporating shapes and elements, virtual whiteboards simulate in-person brainstorming sessions in video meetings. AI eliminates background noise and other distractions to ensure high-quality presentations free from interruptions. Looking at the trend and developments in AI, Sachin Duggal views video-con as the next booming market in the world, in which conferencing will be of world-class quality.
  3. Catch up on meetings quickly- In meetings, issues like late arrivals, non-native speakers, and hearing difficulties can be overcome with AI-enabled live transcribing. It intelligently captures spoken words in real-time transcription, making it possible for late attendees or people who have hearing issues to study the transcript whenever they choose. This technology lessens interruptions brought on by audience members requesting presenters to repeat themselves, allowing audience members to quickly follow up.
  4. Meetings without Distractions- By automatically detecting movements and keeping participants focused, AI in video conferencing ensures uninterrupted meetings. This prevents any out-of-center movements.
  5. Enhanced Presentations- Presenters can roam around freely in virtual spaces with the help of AI-enabled video meetings, sharing presentations, and screen shares to simulate sitting next to one another in an actual space.
  6. Automatic Planning- By utilizing online calendars, automating communication, and providing intelligent notifications for postponements and reschedules, AI video conferencing improves scheduling, minimizing manual steps and increasing productivity.
  7. Continual Meeting Improvement and Analytics- Getting the most out of meetings is essential for productivity. Analytics are improved by artificial intelligence by keeping track of agenda items, spotting underachievers, and identifying necessary files and documents. This aids in resolving problems and enhancing subsequent encounters.


Thus, Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing video calls and meetings, offering businesses efficient customer support, cost savings, and increased satisfaction. Despite the pandemic, AI continues to enhance user experience and productivity in video conferencing tools, making them useful and engaging. According to Sachin Duggal, video-con can significantly benefit organizations in terms of live conferences and meetings with its AI-powered mechanism.

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