GitHub CEO says EU AI law should not apply to open source developers.

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FOSDEM GitHub CEO Thomas Dohke believes open source developers should be exempt from AI law, EU’s upcoming artificial intelligence law will define how the world regulates AI I warned you that it would be

At the Open Source Policy Summit (04:05:00) in Brussels, the day before FOSDEM in the Belgian city, Dohmke said that open source empowers both governments and businesses, and contributes to “European values.” It is said that it is in the center of the view. The belief that “all things are better when we work together”.

Claiming legislators are open source tolerant, Dohmke says it’s powering a “spring of innovation around the world and here in Europe”, protecting developer rights We believe it is GitHub’s responsibility as the largest source code host to do so. innovation and equal opportunity. “

The CEO said the policy “could set a precedent for how the world regulates AI. It should be fair and balanced to the open source community.” he added:

Domke is reportedly aiming to reach a consensus among EU lawmakers on draft AI rules.

EU AI law co-rapporteur Dragos Tudorache, one of the parliamentarians who lead the commission and coordinate decision-making, was quoted as telling Reuters: “I will finish it during this term” means the end of this year.

For developers working in this area, it is no surprise that “this text exhibits an even higher level of complexity than the typical Brussels complex machine.”

The law, first proposed in 2021, is a legislative gem for EU MPs, as the issue has not been comprehensively addressed in legislation to date. There’s also the minor problem that nationalism is again at stake despite the world’s best efforts.

Those trying to influence legislation are split into two camps. One argues that the “risk” from AI systems cannot be adequately addressed, while another believes that stricter laws could stifle creativity and innovation. The latter is home to both enterprise developer and open source types.

Last year, American think tank Brookings said that new laws would prevent developers from releasing open-source models and that AI development would be driven by big companies, considering developers’ own responsibilities. I pointed out that it is possible. ®

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