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If you’ve been following the latest tech trends, you’ve probably heard a lot about ChatGPT and Bard. OpenAI, Microsoft, and Google are rapidly bringing these large-scale language models to the masses. However, a number of smaller generative AI projects have also been rolled out over the past year. Generative AI tools are having a major impact on fields as diverse as music, art, and literature. Some create images. Some draft emails. Some people make videos. But they were all created to save time while making the creative realm accessible to more people. The final impact of AI on jobs is still open to debate, but for most people, it’s clear that generative AI is here to stay. So what else should interested users check out? Below are just a few of the generative AI tools available today that you can try right from your phone or digital device.

fire Fly. If your call to meeting note-taker is consistently filled with collective moans, Fireflies is for you. With this AI app, you can record and automatically transcribe audio conversations of meetings held on video conferencing apps like Zoom and Google Meet, audio files, and phone calls in apps like Ringcentral and Air Call. . Fireflies can be set to automatically record meetings in your calendar. Once done, the meeting notes can be automatically imported into your CRM. Plus, once the transcription is complete, your team can easily search the meeting to find the most relevant information. Fireflies are already being used by companies like Uber, Nike, Delta, and Netflix.

Ghostwriter. Curious about how generative AI can help your writing game? A die-hard Google Docs supporter? Download GhostWriter. This app uses AI to help you create SEO-optimized text, marketing content, and even blog posts for your business. The GhostWryter site offers a starter guide that shows you how to create everything from headlines and paragraphs to complete essays using keywords, idea generators, outline his generators and more.

Ellie AI.If you would like email support isn’t it Try ChatGPT, Ellie. Ellie is her writing assistant dedicated to drafting email replies. Ellie learns from your own writing style and lets users choose the “mood” of her reply (that is, her tone can be casual, professional, annoyed, etc.). First written. If Ellie’s response isn’t 100% correct for her, the user can tweak or add context to help Ellie respond correctly. Ellie is now available as an extension for Chrome and Firefox. Her only fully supported email client is her Gmail. Others will be rolled out soon.

Murph AI. Generative AI is currently most popular in lighting and art, but the technology can also create lifelike narration from text commands. Murf AI lets you create studio-quality narration with text for explainer videos, podcasts, advertisements, and more. Simply choose from over 120 voice styles available on the site, including over 20 language and accent options.

Stockimg.AI. Honestly, there are a lot of different apps for AI art generation today, but I chose Stockimg.AI because it makes content creation for different purposes a lot easier. When generating an image, let the AI ​​know if you’re trying to create a book cover, logo, icon, wallpaper, or stock image, and it will create visual content that fits your needs.

heyday. Heyday calls himself his AI-powered memory assistant, but it’s actually more of a research assistant. The app works with your browser, search engine, and apps like Gmail and Google Docs to help you “refresh” content that you’ve looked at once and then had to find.Example: If you need to find the source file for a known tip, citation, or bibliography somewhereHeyday helps expedite the process.

Wordtune Read – Wordtune offers generative write options, but more interesting to me are its read options. Wordtune Read helps you summarize long documents and emphasize key points. This will help users understand more quickly. Different summaries can also be provided based on specific perspectives, such as what the text means to decision makers within an industry as a whole or within a field.

Regie AI – Yes, generative AI is job-specific. For example, if your sales team needs help crafting successful messages, try Regi AI. This app helps you research potential contacts and helps resellers craft a personal email that feels genuine to your company. Regie helps you create a unique voice for your brand using a large language model. They even use past content to create new content. Regie can also create sales sequences and publish them to the company’s sales platform.

Resume text – Getting past the HR bots that screen incoming resumes has never been more difficult. Luckily, Worded’s resume can help. The app is designed to provide instant feedback on your resume or LinkedIn profile, including scores on key criteria that real recruiters use when hiring candidates. Users can also use the app to identify the keywords most relevant to the job description they are searching for.

Looka – Want to create a professional logo for your company but lack graphic design skills? Looka lets you create beautiful logos with the click of a button. Simply enter your company name, industry and color palette and instantly discover endless logo possibilities.

ChatGPT and Bard are two of the most popular generative AI tools at the moment, but these are a few other tools I’ve had the opportunity to explore that can help create content, aid productivity, and drive sales. Empowering Support, HR, and Helping Users Find the Most Helpful Information Online. Generative AI is here and working overtime.

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