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The Associated Press (AP) has announced a new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered search feature through its multimedia content platform, AP Newsroom.

AI-powered search offers new ways to browse your organization’s catalog of photos and videos. Instead of relying solely on metadata, the tool understands descriptive language and generates search results based on user-provided descriptions.

New content is added every minute of every day from anywhere in the world, and the AP says it has a library of more than 60 million photos, made searchable thanks to AI tools.

Perhaps even more impressive for videos, the tool is powerful enough to understand and find individual moments within clips, regardless of length. If the user is not interested in her AI search, it can be toggled off.

AP eCommerce experience
This e-commerce interface is what non-subscribers see when purchasing individual photos and videos through the AP Newsroom for instant access.

The intelligence at the core of the search tool is an engine called NOMAD from MerlinOne, a software company focused on digital asset management and discoverability.

“Merlin regularly updates the NOMAD AI model through an automated process to keep up with new developments. Accuracy is critical, especially in the news environment, so relying entirely on automatic learning is not enough. No,” said Paul Caluori, AP’s vice president of global products. Petapixel.

According to AP, the addition of the tool will make it easier for people to find the best photos and videos that match their search criteria, and it’s about how AI tools can help people interact with the internet and archives. Another example of how we are changing

“This is a major shift in finding content within our ever-expanding archive,” said Paul Caluori, vice president of global products for AP.

“Suddenly, you can find very specific things in your images and videos, even those that are not tagged or captioned. With the addition of AI-powered search, AP will unlock an unrivaled visual archive of

In addition to AI search tools, AP updated its platform to offer so-called e-commerce capabilities. The portal is now easier to use for non-subscribers, non-press affiliates, and for one-time purchases.

“Our easy-to-use, self-service licensing and pricing model allows users to seamlessly license images and videos, including for ad-hoc use,” AP said.

AP Newsroom
This, or newsroom experience, is what AP customers and subscribers who have paid for access to the AP newsroom see.

Why APs Adopt AI

Associated Press reports Petapixel They say they are integrating AI into their platform because it can provide a better experience for their end users.

“This is a powerful new tool that makes AP visuals easier to find, especially when they have little or no metadata. AP’s visual archive dates back to the beginning of photography and consists of tens of millions of photos and videos. Throughout its history and quantity, the amount and type of descriptive information varies greatly, and sometimes that information is not as complete as we would like,” explains Caluori.

“Many visual assets are low visibility and difficult to find because traditional search relies entirely on that descriptive information. AI-powered search does not rely on descriptions or metadata. Alternatively, it can “recognize” elements in a photo or video and “understand” more specific search terms or concepts to find those elements. This will dramatically improve our search results and we are very excited to bring this to our customers. We believe this will reduce your search time, yield more informative results, and ultimately help your project succeed. ”

AP Newsroom replaces the AP Images and AP Archive platforms. The AI ​​search tool will be available immediately to non-subscribed users, and will be accessible to existing customers “later this month.”

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