AI vision company Chooch launches ImageChat

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AI vision leader Chooch launches ImageChat™

Vision AI company Chooch has announced ImageChat, a solution that enables enterprise customers and strategic partners to generate ultra-detailed computer vision models using text prompts. Chooch is recognized for its AI vision platform that uses AI to detect and understand the most subtle details in photos, videos, and other images.

ImageChat-1 has been trained with over 11 billion parameters and 400 million images to recognize over 40 million visual details. By leveraging both AI vision and large language models, ImageChat greatly improves data reliability and accuracy, making it especially useful for use cases that require object detection and deep inference.

Generate detailed captions and keywords within your images and video streams. It is designed to allow users to “chat” with any image to derive deeper insights and obtain valuable information from images and video streams. People can enter questions about images, and the images “chat” specific answers.

This is especially important in hazard mitigation, anomaly detection, and inventory management. ImageChat is particularly applicable to automated data entry and visual data processing applications in manufacturing, retail, smart cities, geospatial, healthcare, security, industrial, and media industries.

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