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Following community backlash over its changes to the terms of service, Adobe has announced that it will “address the concerns raised” with updated changes. The company claims that it has reflected on the language used in its terms of service and will roll out the update on June 18th.

Last week, Adobe published updated terms of service that immediately raised concerns about the company's use of AI. Users believed the updated terms allowed Adobe to access their work and use it to train AI models. Now, Adobe said in a blog post that it is “discussing with customers about plans to roll out updated changes.”

Adobe didn't say what changes it plans to make, but did note “areas of clarification” it will address. “There is no ambiguity about our position, our commitment to our customers, or our responsible innovation in this space,” the company said. “We have never trained our generative AI on customer content, taken ownership of our customer work, or granted access to customer content beyond legal requirements.”

Initially, Adobe tried to roll out the new changes while striving to protect user privacy. However, the company left the language used in its terms of service largely vague, leaving users worried about how their work would be used in generative AI models. Adobe announced that it would add language to its terms of service in a future update to clarify that the company does not “train generative AI with customer content.”

Additionally, Adobe hopes to restore the trust it has lost among its user base by clarifying that there is an opt-out option in its desktop product improvement program. “We know that trust must be earned,” Adobe said. “We appreciate your feedback and will connect with many customers in our community this week to discuss our approach and these changes. And we are committed to being a trusted partner to creators in the coming years, and we will continue to work tirelessly to achieve that.”

Over the next week, users can look forward to seeing how Adobe tackles clarifying its terms, as it's clear the company needs to be more precise and provide examples to users to explain what the terms mean for work created across its entire creative suite.

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