A noteworthy new AI video generator alternative to Sora is Kling

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A noteworthy new AI video generator alternative to Sora is Kling

If you're the type of person who can't sleep because an AI generator is making you lose all your work, then unfortunately this latest AI video generator isn't going to help you sleep any better. Developed in China, Kling is the leading contender to rival OpenAI's Sora, and so far it looks very convincing.

Kling was developed by Kuaishou, a Chinese tech company that also makes apps similar to TikTok, and the app is already out and available (at least if you speak Chinese and have a Chinese phone number).

Kling can produce up to two minutes of video at 1080p resolution and 30 frames per second, which already dwarfs other generations of video creators like Pika and Runway, and is double what Sora can handle.

To create extremely natural body movements, Kling uses advanced 3D facial and body reconstruction technology, so issues like extra limbs, fingers, or missing body parts seem to be almost nonexistent.

Sora also seems to excel at faithfully following prompts and creating a sequence of shots with clear continuity, something that's been lacking in other AI video generators to date: Even early creators who tested Sora were forced to rely on traditional film and editing techniques to achieve the desired level of continuity.

Kling has been released to early users as a demo, and the results are worryingly impressive. It's currently only available in beta via a waitlist in China, but the company plans to eventually make Kling available worldwide.

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