24 university lecturers graduate from Microsoft's AI project

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About 24 Kenyan university lecturers have completed an artificial intelligence (AI) training programme run by the Microsoft Africa Development Centre (ADC).

The 12-week programme was developed and delivered in collaboration with Microsoft Leap trainers and was attended by lecturers from Zetech University, Kabarak University, Multimedia University, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, St Paul’s University, Strathmore University, United States International University, Dedan Kimathi University of Technology and Meru University.

“As the world seeks to further harness the power of artificial intelligence, this programme aims to enhance the teaching and research skills of our faculty and we are pleased that all 24 lecturers who started the programme have graduated. The impact of this programme will be felt in the lecturers' classrooms, universities and beyond through fostering collaboration and innovation,” said Irene Githinji, education engagement lead, Microsoft ADC.

AI technology enables computers and machines to simulate human intelligence and problem-solving tasks, and the technology can be applied to many fields and industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, and the military.

“Through this programme, I learned what the industry wants. I realised that maybe I am not fully equipping my students with the current market needs. Instead of looking at AI as a competitor, I realised that I need to work with it to increase my productivity as a lecturer and that of my students. Through the training, I was exposed to 21st century learning design that can incorporate technology into education both within and outside the tech industry,” said Peter Muturi, a programming lecturer at Multimedia University.

In addition to teaching AI and software engineering principles, the program emphasized a project-based learning approach aimed at fostering creativity in tackling difficult or ill-structured problems, usually in small teams.

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